Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Last Sunny Sultry Weekend of September.....

When we first arrive at the cottage...I usually always take a picture thru the living room window...

My boyfriend gets the chairs set up...sweeps the cobwebs off...and brings the cushions to warm in the sun...

Look at that sky!  

BEAUTIFUL! is only Thursday!

After our chores...

We grab a couple of beers...head down to the beach deck...

My boyfriend reads the local paper...and we just unwind...

Can you feel it??


The Seagulls and Cormorants must have found a school of fish...

They swarmed!!!

Very loud....and they even made waves on the Lake...

Lasted about 15 minutes...I had to zoom in, so picture quality not the best...

It was incredible to watch...

There were 2 Red Labs swimming...fetching their tennis ball...Again, I zoomed in...

You can see some colour on the leaves along that stretch of beach...

I love when there is a sandy beach...and calmness...

Got my feet all wet and sandy, so changed into yet another pair of flipflops...

Yes....It was another flipflop very favorite kind♥️

The next photo shows the sunset hitting my feet...and the basket of flowers...

We retire to the sunporch around 5:30 the sun is getting so low in the sky...

As we sat there...waiting for dinner to cook...I had to run down...and capture the sunset...

And remember....

This is still Thursday....3 more days to go!!!

Stay tuned for the next chapter...

Are you with me??



            Hope you all had a great day...

                  Very crummy day here...weatherwise....dark..cloudy...damp...spitting rain...YUCKY!


                       To put all this CRAPPINESS behind us...

                    I think CRISPY is the word to describe dinner tonight...

                           CRISPY diced roasted potatoes...

                               CRISPY juicy and tender oven roasted pork loin chops

                                       CRISPY sauteed mushrooms and onions...

                                   TENDER fresh yellow beans...buttered and peppered...YUMMY!

                                        And I think some gravy is in order too!!

                         Enjoy the rest of your evening...

                                        Cheers! :o)


  1. I've never before missed 2 weeks of a NY September. I think autumn will fly by way too fast.
    Hope your weather is brighter tomorrow. We had a misty, moisty kind of day here too.

    1. And you missed some awesome weather, Martha... also had a very special trip♥️
      Tomorrow HAS to be better than today!

    2. Accuweather says mostly sunny, at least for tomorrow. Guess I'd better make sure we get out to the trampoline, huh? Those grandchildren are all hoping for a good old fashioned bounce.

  2. Absolutely beautiful, Linda, I am jealous . . . . lol . . .get out another chair and I'll help you with the crossword. . .
    At long last I have posted a Peter story . . . just . . . and I guess I am the first to comment. . . . oh no Martha beat me by a head.
    That sky and the water is so beautiful . . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie....
      Glad to have you anytime!
      I have been to yours....wonderful post :o)

    2. Ha! Are we competing here too, Eddie?

  3. Lovely photos ! Supper sounded YUMMY ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

    1. Thanks was a great weekend....come back tomorrow!

  4. Idyllic - I've seen the birds diving en masse for fish in Florida, Cornwall, and Nova Scotia. It's a thrilling spectacle to watch.
    Stunning sunset - you know what they say "red sky at night shepherds delight".

  5. Ha!
    We say " red sky at night, sailors delight"
    "Red sky in morning...sailor take warning"
    Weird eh?

    1. Yes, we say the same about morning too except if course we use shepherds, I don't suppose you have shepherds - do you???

    2. I suppose we do....somewhere...we do have sheep....yes...definitely we have shepherds! hahaha!

  6. That sunset picture is fabulous! Sounds like you had a good start to your weekend. Can't wait to hear the rest of the story!

    1. It was fabulous....just like summer.....wished you were there♥️

  7. What a place you have there my friend!!!!! Love to come see what you as up to!

    1. Thanks Kris......
      You still decorating?

  8. Replies
    1. The weather it's crap!
      Hopefully still some nice fall weather to come...

  9. Last weekend had to be one of the most perfect ones all summer! Beautiful photos as always and that sunset is amazing. Can't wait to see the next day's photos. ;)

  10. Sounds like the perfect way to start your weekend!

    1. It was....and it only got better!

  11. Labs do love the water. It is hard to keep them out!

  12. Crispy is definitely the word of the season, Linda...Some great shots you got there! When I lived in New York, I loved to catch the best of the best Fall days at the beach. Each always felt more like a blessing than those taken for granted during the Summer months.

    Thanks for sharing, Linda...

    1. yes...fall is wonderful near water...have a few pics of my brussels coming up!

    2. Can't wait...mine are...still growing...I think:)

    3. I can see on the stock wee buds...probably won't get any....but was fun to watch it grow!

  13. Fabulous sunset! Glad you had a good weekend.
    September has been wonderful here too, but rain next week. So much still to do...

    1. Hi Jessica!
      wonderful weekend...this week..not so much!
      Foggy..damp...drizzly....sounds like British weather! hahaha!

  14. Replies
    1. Thanks Amy.....I must get a moon shot!

  15. Ahhhh - you have a lovely routine as you go about your day. And the photos are extraordinary. Love the ones of the birds feasting. What a feather flurry! Ooooh - the crispy dinner sounds so good. Yum.


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