Thursday, 23 October 2014

Seagulls.......On A Bright Clear Sunny Day


Remember these days?

Before the rain started?

Before the leaves started to fall?

Before the air turned chilly?

This was only 3 weeks ago...

And I sincerely...



See this again...


And Saturday...

Are you all with me on this??

I am sure all of you are horrified at what took place in our country's capital city yesterday...

Frightening to say the least...

Makes me very scared for our children and grandchildren...

This world needs to change...


OR we will destroy ourselves...

Take a moment to think of  
young Corporal Nathan Cirillo...

Who was murdered senselessly...

While serving this great country of ours... 

We have always flown our Canadian flag with great pride...

And will continue to do so for as long as we are on this earth...

Thinking of the families and friends of Cpl. Cirillo...

May they find peace♥️


          Hope you all had a great day...


                      Going out for dinner...and to the cottage tomorrow...

                             Have a great weekend...

                                     Cheers!  :o)


  1. A glorious day indeed! Wall to wall sunshine coming up .We're so lucky to live in this country...where this kind of thing is rare.

    Jane x

  2. I am sure all Brits, including me, are thinking of the families and friends of Cpl. Cirillo and how senseless this murder was...
    I am so pleased yoy fly the Canadian flag with pride ~ I often see it in your post photographs.

    Those stunning photos of the lake and clouds . . . quite a wonderful place to be and did you notice those clouds have slivery linings . . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie... is in most of my lake pictures...we changed it 3 times this year...the wind destroyed it...once the whole pole was gone!
      Yes...hope the families can get some help over dealing with this tragedy...

      Thanks! Hopefully beautiful this weekend...can't hardly wait to get there...and...crank up that furnace! hahaha!
      Well of course Eddie.....every cloud has a silvery lining...hey, you should do a blog with that name!

    2. It is my Blog name and in one of my posts I explain where the blog name comes from ~ from a Stanley Holloway Monologue called the Return of Albert when Albert was eaten by a lion but the lion was sorry the moment he had done it and spat him out and they became great friends. But at home the father said to his furious and upset wife, "What can't be helped must be endured, every cloud has a silvery lining ~ we did have young Albert insured !" . . . They see a face at the window and it is Albert and the father, who wants the insurance money, gives Albert some money and says, "Pop off back to the zoo . . . go and see what the tigers can do! . . . lol

    3. Once again.....different sense of humour....
      I knew that was your blog was a joke!
      Let's make a more trying to be funny...ok? Hahaha!

  3. It was a beautiful day here today sunny not a cloud in the sky and warm 15C . Lovely photos . Yes a sad thing for the family of this young man ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

    1. Good to hear...we are heading to the cottage first thing in the morning....

  4. Im really sorry about what happens yesterday.Sometimes I feel the world is really crazy:(
    Nice pictures dear!

    1. Thanks are a sweetheart!

    2. Ah the reply button is back. So what I wanted to say is...

      Gloria Dear is so sweet, I don't need no sugar to talk to her.


    3. silly grumpy ! But you know I love too and Linda and Miss V, oh? where is my sweet miss V????

    4. Hi Blue.....
      Gloria is the sweetest!
      And...of course....Miss V..♥️

  5. Such a sad day. My prayers are with you all.
    I too am looking forward to some more days of sunshine and bright skies.
    And seagull too, I guess.

  6. We too were horrified to see the new, and now another one in NY....I never thought USA would be a scary place to be. Prayers for the family and friends. I love your pictures, and your flag flying!!!

  7. Hi Linda. Yes, of course, we did hear about the awful news in Canada. Such a crazy, and sometimes sick world we live in now. It is very frightening! When I heard the news, I immediately thought of you.
    The photos in this post are spectacular! I hope you will get a glorious, sunny weekend!!!
    XO Kris

    1. Hi Kris.....
      Thanks for your thoughts.....
      Weekend was kinda crummy....but we got lots of jobs done....

  8. Glorious sky and water. And immense sorrow from yesterday. Thank goodness we have nature to try and soothe our pain.

  9. Yes, so sad. Craziness!

    Love your shots of sparkling water!

  10. A beautiful post, Linda. The photos of the lake, sky and birds are so pretty and I wish you more of the same today and tomorrow. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks Pam....the weekend was not as anticipated....sadly :o(

  11. Lovely views of the water and sky bringing back memories of hot summer days. Woke up to 4C here today!!! Yikes, that feels like winter to me!! Horrible events in Ottawa this week. How is this able to happen?? How will this change things?

    1. Really? brrrrrrrr...
      I have no answers for these losers.....

  12. Such beautiful views of the lake. I hope it is just like that when you go out there this weekend.

    So tragic about the events in Ottawa. I visited the parliament building when I was in Ottawa a few years ago. I would never have imagined something like that could happen.

    1. Thanks Kathy.....sadly not......bits of sun......very windy!

  13. Our Canada flag seems so much more important now! Hope you're starting to unwind at the cottage and that the weather stays warm. I'm still "supervising" grandkids and kittens. Tomorrow the other grandma takes over and I'll be off to my next cultural adventure at the AGO. Enjoy, take care and hope to see you soon, LK. :)

    1. What a great Grandma you are Miss Hester....
      The weather could have been better......
      See you soon.....

  14. The things that people do, Linda... Sigh.

  15. yes.
    i thought of you and beloved grand Canada and all my friends there as I watched the news about it.

    only a few weeks ago here... a mother~wife~grandmother... about your own age was literally beheaded.
    the despicable young man who did it was recently converted to islam. he just walked in. and did his horrible deed. and why?
    i don't even know what to think of it all anymore. i don't want to hate. but it is all so senseless. she had literally done nothing to him.

    just as your young soldier and father had done nothing but be at his job. she had merely gone to work that morning. it's utterly tragic.
    the beheading in our state happened only 20 miles away from where i live. we're used to such violence in america. but CANADA!!!

    it was somehow amazing that it could and did happen there. I want Canada to remain always as i think of it. detached from the wickedness of the worst in the world. America is such a violent country. but not Canada. I just don't think of things like it happening where you are.

    but we shall not live in fear of these wretched people who do things like this. Canada is still a beautiful gentle land. I simply love it.
    just to rub in the weather a bit! it's 90 degrees HOT here today. i'm afraid i'd trade it in a heartbeat for some of your cool lovely autumn rain.
    XOXO♥ the sparkle on that lake should soothe anyone's soul. xo

    1. What a horrible story......yikes!

  16. I tried leaving you a comment yesterday, Linda, and it vanished, so here I am again...

    It is indeed a sad time for out beautiful country. Such senseless, horrible crimes. It really breaks my heart.

    1. Thanks for coming back Martha......your comments mean a lot.....

  17. Any day on the beach it a good day

    1. Thanks Olddog.....where did you come from?
      Hope you visit again.....

  18. Blogger is messing up our reply button, Linda.

    1. Hi Blue.....
      I have been having trouble myself here....doing my replies....
      Blogger you better shape up.....right Blue?
      How are you........

  19. What a fun place! I love the sea and seagulls! Found you on the Blue Grumpster site - I'll visit again soon.

    1. Hi Dixie.....
      I love the lake when it is calm and sunny....
      Come back any time!


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