Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Cottage Weather.......

As we arrived...

I could see...

There were some leaves down...

And of course...that relentless wind...


Before even going inside...

I wanted to check out the new furnace!!!

Look at that beauty!!

All shiny and new...


My boyfriends...




Cottage basement!

You can see by the Lake...

Very unsettled weather...

We did get a few rays of sunshine...


It was so toasty inside...

I was quite happy!

Didn't even change to my flipflops...

On Saturday...

My boyfriend cut the grass...

Best way to get rid of the first leaves...

I stripped the bed...

We got showered and cleaned up...

Headed home around 3:30...

Stopped in at our son's for a visit...
And later that night...

We were toasty and warm in our dining room at home...

Ahhhhh....what a life,eh??


Hope you all had a great day...

Made it to Fitness this morning...coffee with the girls...

We miss you Devon...it is just not the same♥️

And...I can hardly believe it...

On my 3 year blogaversary...

Natalie became my 100th follower!!

How cool is that?

Thanks everyone...for all your kind words...

Enjoy the rest of your day...

Same cheesy weather here...rain..damp...dark...dreary!

It won't get me down...I won't let it!!!

Think I'll scoop Miss V tomorrow...sunshine for sure!

                                Cheers!  :o)


  1. Today's cottage photos reminded me of this house, although we are a bit farther from the lake shore.
    The windy weather, gray skies, and soggy leaves are so familiar!
    I chose to curl up under the afghan again this afternoon. This cold, rainy weather is stirring up all those sleepy juices inside my brain.
    I love the pristine cottage basement. It's quite impressive!

    1. Isn't this weather hideous???
      Is it too much to ask for a wee bit of sunshine???
      Yes....my boyfriend takes great pride in his clean basement...sweeping...spraying...loves it down there!!!
      I HATE going down there..............

    2. It's not my favorite weather, unless, of course, I want to sleep all day.
      A bit of sunshine would be nice.
      Basements are never my favorite places.

    3. I wish I could "nap".....not my thing!
      My basement at home is ok....but the cottage? No thanks...
      I run down....turn on the pump.....crank up the hot water.....and run back out!

    4. Does the boogy man live down there?

    5. Ha!
      No....but it is dark....and scary!
      Actually.....when I took the pic of the furnace....it felt not too bad down there....perhaps I will be a convert!

  2. Will the furnace mean you will be able to use the cottage a bit longer into the season? maybe even in the winter?
    Lousy weather today ... pouring rain ... dull and dreary and dismal ... but it did almost stop by dinner time and hubby bbq'd some sausages and other stuff ... I watched from the window :)

    1. At least we will be warmer...but no water I am afraid...we are on a beach well...
      Good for you watching from the window...I like your style!

  3. Some furnace . . . . piping hot!!
    Makes the cottage more comfortable for you by a mile.

    Nasty weather outside though and lots of leaves to sweep up . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie....
      Pretty impressive, eh?
      I hate raking leaves...but, at least we can burn them on the beach...if the wind is right!

    2. I'll build you a compost bin . . . . lol

      I'm trying to establish in my own mind what the difference is between your furnaces and our boilers . . .I think your furnaces seem far more powerful somehow . . . :)

    3. After you finish your own!
      Your neighbours called....hahaha!
      I believe boilers heat water....we blow the hot air out the furnace....make sense??

    4. Ah . . . I see . . . do you have boilers as well as furnaces in Canada and USA?
      I'm thinking about heating up hot water or do you tend to use electric immersion heaters.
      Sorry to be asking all these plumbing type questions . . . I am interested . . . lol

    5. Not really sure about that....failed my plumbers course!

    6. Immersion heaters? No.
      Hot water heaters..yes!
      But we also have hot water on demand units too.
      Jane x

    7. Thank you both ~ understand a bit more about these contraptions now.
      I meant to congratulate you yesterday on attaining your 100th followerand do so now . . . . :)

  4. Those are moody skies and water in your photos. How nice that you have a furnace to keep the cottage warm now. That will make a big difference on the colder days and especially the nights. We have a lot of rain coming for the next 4 days. Oh yay! LOL Murray mulched the rest of the leaves on the lawn this afternoon and we bagged them. We wanted to get it done before the wind and rain hits. It looks better and there are very few leaves left on the trees now.

    1. I guess you are getting our crappy weather now...we are done with it thanks...it is all yours!!
      We still have a lot of leaves on the trees...today a lot came down...

  5. I love your little cottage . I take it you will be there more through out the winter as you have a new furnace there ? Yes always windy by lake Erie and we get it off of the lake here to as we are a 6 min drive from it ! Dreary and gloomy here to but hoping for some sun and warmer temps the next few days ! Thanks for sharing and congrats on your blogversary and 100 followers ! Have a good evening !

    1. Well thanks Elaine....me too♥️
      Hope for a warmer weekend...or at least dry!

  6. Your cottage reminds me of the cabin we stay in each year at Lake Tahoe. The view especially, as the cabin is rustic not lovely like your cottage. I like your header and toes, but also think your shoes are quite cute too.
    Congrats. on your Blog anniversary and 100 followers...so glad to be one of them.

    1. Yes, you have mentioned Lake Tahoe before Wanda....
      I do miss my Flipflops! Guess you are still wearing yours down at the pool!
      Thanks for being one♥️

  7. yay for new furnaces...you'll be toasty warm all winter!

    I hear we're getting sun on Thursday...and not a day sooner! SIGH!

    1. Yes indeedy!
      Yes....same here.....scattered drizzle!
      Miss V will make it sunny♥️

  8. It's been a dreary few days...but sunshine is on it's way!!
    Jane x

    1. Tell me about it!
      And chilly too!

  9. It feels like night all the time these days! I love autumn - my favourite season - but boy I need some sun soon! Your cottage is so beautiful, Linda. What a treasure.

    1. Exactly! I was just saying that...I don't mind the cold, if it were SUNNY!
      Yes...I do love my cottage♥️

  10. We are drenched here. It's hampering our building plans. *whaaaaaa" Sounds like sun is on the way. Linda...that is the tidiest basement I have ever seen. Is he always that neat? If so, lucky you. Love the cottage photos. Your little piece of paradise. Deb

    1. Yes, I guess it would.....darn!
      Yes....he is always that neat! Sometimes rather annoyingly! Hahaha!
      You will soon have your own piece of paradise!

  11. Your cottage is so very cute! I would be very happy and content there as you are! Oh, and the boyfriend's basement, can he send some tips over to my hubby? ;-)

    Sad to see summer and fall wind down. But we have so much busyness ahead of us and soon we will turn the page into a new year!

    Congratulations on your milestone. At the end of November it will be six years for me!

    Jane xx

    1. It is very comfortable....a labour of love for sure!
      Our kids will benefit from all the work we have put in....
      I should get Mr neat and tidy to do a post....hahaha!
      6 years? WOW! Do you love it?

  12. Congratulations on three years blogging!
    Those waters looked soooo cold....great to have the warmth now in the cottage.....so you can go year round. Great investment!

  13. all look stunning Linda! I love the first picture:)

    1. Hi Gloria....can't wait to go back on Friday!

  14. So, how come the basement is so clean and tidy!! That is very suspicious I reckon! Glad that the new furnace is all shiny and new though, you must be very pleased about that. xx

    1. Because my boyfriend has OCD! Hahaha!
      Very pleased♥️


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