Thursday, 30 October 2014

Some Still Out....Some Already In...

As most of you know...

I love bringing some annuals inside for the long cold Winter...

Geraniums are usually my best bet...

Some I have had for 4 years...

And they just get better and better...

The Begonias don't always do as well... is still fun to try...

These 2 beauties here are still outside...

My Dragon Wing Begonia is HUGE...I have brought them in before...but they always I am afraid that this beauty will have to go with the frost...if and when we get any...

The plants below...are already inside...but I have quite a few more to gather...
I think this weekend may just be their last stint least I can get them into the garage...I also brought my 2 fabulous Ferns from the cottage...
They are hanging out the front...still lovely and lush...but they are too messy for me to bring in...and I don't have that kind of sad...:o(

Beautiful Peachy Blush Geranium...

Frog Buddies...with Ivy that I had out all Summer...

There is my giant JADE plant...still outside...he needs to come in this afternoon...    

Here is darling Miss V last week at the park...with her bike of course!

We have her today...she is sawing logs right now...

Had a great lunch...talking a blue streak...and singing like mad!♥️

Hope you are all having a great day...

Weather is the same...huge clouds...look like snow clouds to me...:o(

What is happening in your neck of the woods??

Fish & Chips tonight....the sole filets are bathing in some creamy buttermilk...

And will be covered in crunchy Panko crumbs...

Baked to a golden deliciousness...

What is in your oven tonight????

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday...

Think I'll grab my camera...and capture some of the beautiful yellow going on in my yard...

Love the Fall colours!

                 Cheers!   :o)


  1. All beautiful!
    And happy halloween to miss V the most cute and beauty Canadian:))

    1. Well well well.....I will certainly deliver that message, Gloria♥️

  2. beautiul photos and what a little sweetie, supper sounds good at your house, we're having bee stew,

  3. oops, make that beef stew, lol,

    1. had me worried for a while...hahaha!

  4. Fish & Chips. YUM!

    Steak on the grill, baked potato from the Easy Bake Oven and a chocolate cake for dessert.

    1. Boogie steak and baked potato!
      Do you really use an easy bake oven?

    2. Not really. We call it that though because it's a teeny fan oven but for grown up bakers.

    3. And the fan forced air, bakes a nicer potato than Fred (our big cranky regular oven).

    4. You named your oven.....hilarious!

  5. in my oven are some stored frying pans. LOLOLOL.
    see why i'm addicted to your blog?
    it's like this marvelous cooking celebrity that i know personally! LOL. xo
    oh yes.
    and she's a first rate horticulturist too. ♥

    1. Great answer Tammy....I also have pots and pans in there....when I am not COOKING that is!

  6. Chili and chips for us! Yup,snow forecast for Saturday, I'm not ready...I'm never ready...why didn't I emigrate to Australia? Africa?
    Jane x

    1. I knew that......just testing you!♥️

  7. Lovely photos, as ever.
    Shame the winter is coming ~ I am definitely a sun shine boy. I want to hibernate in the winter . . . lol
    Fish and chips ~ yum!
    Lots of phosphorus in fish ~ good for the brain ~ I'ma always better at crosswords the day after I have them !!

    1. Hi Eddie....
      Oh...I love the sunshine too....Don't mind the cold....if the sun is shining!
      I did not know that about fish....thanks!
      I better go do a crossword....hahaha!

    2. It won't work until tomorrow! . . .when it gets into your system . . .
      It works for Sudokus as well , , , , lol

    3. I don't do Sodukus....
      Don't get it!

  8. Well done Linda, for bringing your flowers indoors, which is a challenge I am sure. At this time, I am bringing my delicate ferns indoors because it is too darn hot outside! xx

    1. I can believe that Patricia....ferns love lots of moisture...mine are outside.....doomed!

  9. Fish and chips - yum! I had a delicious chicken club sandwich for lunch from the English bakery in the Distillery so I am thinking just yoghurt and granola for dinner. Miss V looks so darn cute!

    1. Hi Suza!
      Club sandwiches are my all-time favorite eat out lunch....LOVE them♥️
      She had a ball today playing in the leaves....
      You must be feeling better.....good!

  10. Fish and chips sounds delish but you won't find Panko in this house, and you know why!
    Miss V must love visiting you! Good food, bikes and lots of love...lucky little girl!

    1. Yes I sure do!
      I used gluten-free bread crumbs for was good....added some Cajun spice....yum!
      We love having her.....had fun today playing in the leaves!

  11. I'm trying my begonia one more time. Last year it barely lived. It revived in the spring outside but never bloomed again. Strange!

    worked an auction today so we ate leftovers....nothing in my oven tonight, but your fish sounds wonderful!

    1. 2 of mine already shrivelled....guess they have to be INDOOR begonias:o(
      What did you get?

  12. I don't know why I have a passion for frogs, and you have the cutest containers. All of my plants are inside. Your Miss V. reminds me of my Miss K. - except for one thing - Miss K is now 19, going on 30 - help! Just the same, she's a charmer.

    Flounder and wonderful home made slaw tonight! BBQ chicken on Friday.
    Have a great weekend Linda, and thank you for much for visiting my blogs!!

    1. Oh me too Dixie!
      I have quite a Few around the will see them from time tho time!
      Your dinner sounds delish!
      Miss V is the most beautiful granddaughter EVER!
      You have a great weekend too!


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