Saturday, 24 January 2015

Supposed To Be A Picnic.......Brrrrrr!

 First things first....
Thought I better do a refresher of posting on my IPad, as that will be my vehicle for posting in the next we go!
Still can't recall how to add text where I want it.....bare with me!

Yesterday we took a drive to the cottage....
Bright sunny drive all the way....
But, as we started heading South....the sun disappeared....and thick clouds rolled in....Seems our last few visits have been dark and cloudy....this was no exception!

I had the brilliant idea of packing a lunch, instead of our usual stopping for lunch....
I made egg salad sandwiches and a nice pot of chicken soup...
Anyway....back to my brilliant idea!
Lunch at the cottage!
Turn on the at the table....looking out at the scenery.....

Well......let me tell you....not exactly how it all went down! was the view from inside....
It was so windy and cold....
I did not go down to the beach, when we first arrived....
Boyfriend went to the basement to turn on the heat!
Fan was blowing....but.....what?....blowing.....COLD AIR!
Geesh.....hello? Furnace....where is the heat?
It was 29*f inside......VERY COLD INDEED!
And....with the cold air was getting even colder!
Boyfriend called Ben...who had installed the furnace....
Unfortunately he was not near the cottage....but promised...
To drop by, and see WHAT THE PROBLEM IS?

I got lunch together, while the boyfriend vacuumed....
He loves the cottage that is!
We sat and ate.....freezing......chattering teeth.....cursing Ben.....and the furnace!
Looks delicious,

I decided to try a few editing techniques on my IPad app for blogger.....
Tried to hide my very red nose......from the cold!
You like my red glasses?
$ store!
I need to get a few new pairs for the trip....
They are not as good as my prescription glasses....but are ideal for using my camera....♥️

The sky was almost turning pink....
So cloudy though.....and fact.....bitterly cold!
And we were so looking forward to spending a few hours putzing around the cottage....:o(
I never did go down to the beach....I was freezing!
We got into the car....heated seats on.....heat blasting!
What a shame our plans were thwarted!
Oh well.....lunch was delicious! wasn't a total wash out....
The Salvation Army in Dunville was 50% off.....
Got lots of new baskets for next summer....
And a few cool planters....I'm thinking succulents!

Ok.....can't figure out how to get my text over to the bottom left..... I can carry on....
Not a bad trial run....

Hope you are all having a great day....
Pure cloud here....bit of drizzly freezing rain....

Making burgers and yam fries tonight.....
I see a fire in my future....and probably a crochet hook!
Finished a cat bed for Erika's cats....
Need to make one for my son's cat,Buddy♥️

Enjoy the rest of your weekend....
Anything exciting going on?
How did I do on the IPad? Tee hee hee.......

Cheers!   :o)


  1. Linda, you did a great job on the iPad. I'd say you're all set to vacate. lol Love the pics of you with your pretty red glasses. So cute! I hope the furnace is an easy fix. brrrr. Sounds so cold. We went to town this afternoon before the storm started, ran errands and ate at Wendy's. Came home and had tea and cookies. Chillaxing this evening and watching the snow fall. There's already an inch down.

    1. Yes...went better than last year , when I first got it!
      We got a few flurries...not a lot!
      Enjoy your Sunday!

  2. I love the photos but it does look cold. You did are all set to go. I'm trying to learn to use my tablet. Lots of fun. Love the glasses. I have a purple pair. haha! $ store, too. You must be counting the days. It's pretty cold here tonight and it just started to snow. Deb

    1. I will look for a purple fun!

  3. We had that happen to our furnace ones it was the pilot light that didn't ignite and there for no heat lol ! Hope you have heat at the cottage now . Lovely photos , It has been damp and foggy here all day and frigging bone shilling cold to I cant stand the damp cold makes me ache lol ! Lunch looks and sounds YUMMY ! You did great with this post on your iPad . Thanks for sharing , Have a good evening !

    1. We are not sure what the problem is...will leave it to the experts!
      Yes...the dampness is a bummer for sure!

  4. Oh dear! Good thing you brought that soup because a cold sandwich alone probably wouldn't have cut it! brrr! Hope you get one last nice visit before heading to Florida!

    1. Yup...probably go one more time before we leave...hope Ben fixed the problem!!

  5. those glasses are so cute, and the lunch was wonderful, but no furnace , thats bad, hope the water pipes were OK!!!!!

    1. Pipes are all water in them!
      We just wanted to warm up a room a bit, to enjoy our picnic!!

  6. Great work with the IPad . . . . what a nuisance about the furnace . . . . . gosh that must have been cold.
    I think you will be better off in Florida for a while . . . .

    Yes, I hope the water pipes are ok, too.
    Nice self portraits ~ you look very studious in the first and last one . . . lol
    I took a bus load of elderlies to a pantomime this afternoon . . . :)

    1. . . . and yes, food looks delicious ~ good idea for the packed lunch but shame about the cold . . . . :)

    2. Hi Eddie...
      No worries....pipes are all drained!
      It sure was chilly...glad I brought the soup!!

  7. Im sorry was cold Linda!
    Poor you!
    Today I was to the groceries with hubby but I stopped by in home center (like home depot) andbought some flowers and plants to my front door! I remember you:)
    Because you always have amazing flowers!
    Here is hot again!
    Is the crazy planet!

    1. Good for you Gloria!
      Flowers always brighten things up...

    2. I have to take a pic and you can say me the name!
      I dont have idea what's the name!

    3. Are you posting them? Or sending them to me?

    4. Gloria Dear, don't you know you should bake Linda a hot pie? Blueberry of course. I mean, look at all that snow! She must be freezing.

    5. Yes Gloria...get me a pie STAT!!
      thanks Blue...
      I will share it with you!

  8. You are so funny - pretty - but humorous!
    I know nothing about tablets... take two with water, but don't call me in the morning?
    So cold looking - how do you make it look so real?
    Loved lunch ~

    1. Ha haha!
      Oh are a character...aren't you?? was real....really!!

    2. She sure is, Linda. Would you believe me if I told you she wants me to dress like a priest? Oh my indeed!

    3. A Priest????
      Oh my.......indeed!

  9. Oh my I have no concept of that kind of cold. Born and raised in CA. It's beautiful, but I'll keep my sandals on and enjoy your lovely cottage from a distance. Lunch does look good...your picnic inside. You are so cute in all you pics with your camera.

    1. Lucky you!!
      Sandals and all, eh Wanda!
      Picnic was good....despite the cold!!

  10. Oh...this was totally dreadful, Linda. Not sure how far away the cottage is from your home...ours is 2 hours. We once went up many years ago, little children and the dog. No heat. Couldn't do a motel with the pup. Turned around for home. What a night. Wondering how long you lasted. The pictures truly shows how cold it was but I have to say, my heart was warmed by the pictures of those delicious looking sandwiches and yummy soup. Smart idea. And you, red nose and all, are such a pretty seeing these photos.

    I don't have an IPad. I can't imagine typing on a flat surface. Sometimes I try to leave a blog comment on my NOOK...takes forever!!

    Stay warm and on comfy turf for awhile! :)

    Jane x

    1. We are only 1 hr and 15 minutes...pretty close!
      We weren't plannig on staying...just lunch...perhaps a know!
      You can see the red nose, eh? too funny!! and warm at home....

  11. I don't think I will "bare" with you because I might freeze my tushie off! lol But I will certainly bear with you. Grin.You did great with the iPad! Sorry the cottage turned out to be so chilly - I guess it was a good thing you found out though. Sandwich and soup look nummy. And you look so pretty - cute shots. Not much doing here this weekend but I have a busy week ahead. Hope you enjoy your Sunday.

    1. What a loser I am! I even checked the spelling! Hahaha!
      Enjoy your Sunday!

    2. Oh dear... that didn't work. It was supposed to be a heart in html! Let's try this instead <3 xo

  12. Seems to me you did an excellent job of posting on your iPad. =) Man, that is MISERABLY cold! Brrrrr.... Hope it's not anything to much going on with the furnace and that it is up and running for your next visit! I'll bet that fireside crochet was especially enjoyable after this outing. ;) blessings ~ tanna

    1. Hahaha!
      I have not picked up my hook all weekend! thought I would...but did not...will get the other cat bed made soon!
      Enjoy your Sunday!!

  13. You did great with your iPad ... I am NOT a "techie" (read: reason I still don't have a blog ....). COLD here in Northern Michigan but much less snow than last year. Not complaining, mind you. Are you staying at the same please in FL that you did last year? LOVED the pictures you shared from there ... so quaint!! The soup/sammie look delicious ... wish our resale shops had a larger selection of stuff ... it just never seems to when I stop! Enjoy your Sunday! Linda

    1. Yes,Linda....staying at the same cute cottage...5 weeks this year!
      I got a lot of stuff....will post soon!

  14. love your red specs!!! very chic.
    and those pictures just LOOK FRIGID!!!
    except for the wonderful food.
    only you can make a plebian egg salad sandwich look like french cuisine! LOL. xoxo♥

  15. Why thank you Tammy.....
    It was frigid! Geesh.....enough already!
    I do make a mean egg salad sandwich!

  16. You look brilliant in your pictures, love the new red glasses! I hope the furnace can be sorted out easily, so horrid when it isn't working. Your post looks good, so you have the ipad thing all sorted! xx

    1. Thanks Amy.....3 selfies in one post....enough already!
      Yes...I think the IPad thing is sorted.....YAY!

  17. At least all was not lost, with that yummy looking lunch. Looked frigid out on the water! But you are looking oh so cute and stylish in your red specs, and all cozy in your scarf. It is hard to believe that there is such a contrast in weather! We are in the 80's, and although it is beautiful...I want winter!!!!

    1. You really don't want just want some cooler temps! Right Kris?

  18. That sounds like a cold picnic, thank goodness for the soup. Did the furnace get fixed?

    1. The furnace guy showed up...said it is the thermostat...will install a new one!
      We had it on all of maybe 3 times!! GEESH!!

  19. Brrr, it does look cold at the cottage and inside, too! Lovely, tasty lunch though!

    1. Very cold indeed Devon!
      Yes...lunch was good...:o)


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