Monday, 12 January 2015

Bits & Bobs....

Still enjoying my White Kalanchoe that I purchased the same day as my Christmas tree...

Still as crisp and perky as the day I brought her home...

Bought 2 wee ones last week...

No pictures of them yet....


My daughter Lissa brought me this White Cyclamen before Christmas...

I am surprised it is still blooming...

I don't always have good luck with these plants...

Pretty pink at the base....

Christmas Poinsettia still looking good in the living room...

Love my Snowman Planter...had him for a very long time!

Miss V just had to pinch her Snowman's nose...♥️

Apple Pie Bread...all gone!

Avacados warming in the sunshine...

Footprint in the fresh snow...

After heading to the bird feeders...

It is kinda snowy and blowy here today...

Heading for the deep freeze again overnite and tomorrow...

Lovely Fresh Green Basil...for my Greek Salads...and cooking with...nothing better!!

A few of my Hens and Chicks that I brought inside for the Season....

They smile at me alllll Winter long....

Chicken Caesar Salad for lunch last week...made with leftover Rotisserie Chicken!

I like to add cherry tomatoes..sliced red onion...freshly ground pepper to my Caesar...

This one was made using the Bolthouse Parmesan Caesar dressing...made with yogurt!

Very low fat...and oh so delicious!!


         Hope you all had a great day...and a wonderful weekend...

         We finally got to to the cottage yesterday....YIKES!!! about frozen!

          It was wall to wall Ice and snow....she looked good, though! tee hee hee...

         Have some skinless chicken thighs marinating in buttermilk...

                  Will add some Panko crumbs and some Cajun seasoning...

                         Roast them til they are crispy and delicious!!!

        Not sure what to serve alongside...I am sure I will come up with something Deeeeelicious!

             Enjoy the rest of your day...

                     Stay warm and toasty...brrr...did someone whisper Florida???

             Won't be long now...I can almost taste it! 


              Those are the chicken thighs...sorry...

                                     never mind........♥️

                                                     linda :o) 


  1. Geesh - I'm always hungry when I leave your blog. I wonder why that is? It's cold here, too, Linda. I walked downtown, met my friend for fish and chips and walked back so I guess I can say I got some exercise. hahaha! Maybe I'll do better tomorrow and not stop to eat.) Your plants look beautiful. I love the little succulents. I have a bouquet of white flowers on my dining-room table that I really enjoy on these cold days. Dinner sounds good and that salad....oh my! Stay toasty, Deb

    1. Hahaha! least you WALKED to the fish and chips!
      We walked around the mall.....does that count? Not!
      Enjoy your evening Deb.....

  2. Such lovely flowers! Hens and Chicks look so nice! Do you have to water them often when they're inside?

    1. Hi Dez....
      No...not too much....they are them!

  3. Beautiful indoor plants ~ I am hopeless with them and obviously say the wrong things. Maria was a lot better but tended to over water.
    Agree with Deb ~ I always feel hungry when visiting your blog and it is too late to walk for fish and chips, the shops are shut. . . . . . will have to rustle up an Eddie special . . . . .
    It sounds very cold at the cottage . . . . brr . . . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie....
      I do have a green thumb.....I think!
      And....I do like to cook!
      It WAS very cold......and icy....will share pics soon!
      And...pray tell....what is an Eddies special?

    2. Yes I think you are very good with plants
      And your b/f is extremely lucky to have you cook such gorgeous meals.
      I do get invited for meals sometimes . . which is nice.

      Eddie's special ~ oh just simple basic things, not really worthy of taking out any menu copyright ~ I don't think you would adopt any of them in your menu portfolio . . . . . . lol . . . . . but I hope to get a bit more adventurous soon.
      But I am still alive . . . . . . and smiling . . . . . .haha

    3. Good to hear....
      Peter this week?

  4. Brrrrr. Keep warm Linda. Hope you're feeling better too.
    Just the same old plain old here... wind rain and grey skies.

    1. Hi Jessica.....
      Feel great.....just cold!

  5. We had some snow this morning, cleared the driveway and paths, temperatures were around 0 Celsius this afternoon but dipping down quickly since the sun set. I found a salad dressing at Metro ... no calories, no fat, tastes not too bad also ... giving salads a go for lunches to get rid of some of that Christmas goodie weight. Yep, time for you to start packing and checking the Florida weather.

    1. Hey Linda....
      The Bolthouse dressings are reall tasty..... too, Linda! Too fat for my flip flops! Hahaha!

  6. all look amazing Linda!!
    how you have in this time (yourwinter) fresh basil???
    I have now but is summer here!!

    1. Hi Gloria.....
      Bought it in a pot.....pricey, but delish! Nothing like it!
      How are you?

    2. Im ok, the weekend was crazyyy! But Today more quite!
      Yes I have two pots now (I plant them lol)
      But usually they are soo good until March/April (autumn) but in winter is difficult!!
      I love basil!!!

    3. BTW Apple pie bread look amazing!!!

    4. I grow it in the summer too, least in the pot, it doesn't turn black! Pie Bread is awesome!

    5. Yes is the best in pots alwsys have in summer!

  7. I was ding fine - lovely flowers - cutesy snowmen - wham! - apple pie bread? Looks a lot like the apple cobbler I made, but are those cranberries mixed on top? I could smell. Then a few more lovely photos - wham! - Caesar salad. I knew I should have made reservations!
    Enjoy your evening - I'm going somewhere to drool ;P

    1. Hi Dixie....
      Nope...just chopped walnuts mixed in with butter,flour,brown sugar.....a streusel topping!
      The bread is made with buttermilk...grated apples...butter,eggs,flour,brown sugar,apple pie spice....
      Altogether a very yummy experience...indeed!
      Glad you enjoyed your visit!
      Where did you go to drool? Hahaha!

  8. I love the white kalanchoe. I've been looking every week for one but none to be found here. My one from last winter is still growing green leaves but no blooms. I forgot about fertilizing it. :( Someday I'll get to that! I like your snowman planter - so cute! And that salad looks scrumptious. I love those rotisserie chickens - so practical! It snowed all day here and was -2. So nice. But. Going to -18 tonight and a cold day tomorrow! xx Pam

    1. I hope you find a white one Pam.....
      Same weather here...getting a bit monotonous!

  9. My cyclamen is still blooming, too! I've never seen a white it!

    I just bought that Bolthouse salad dressing today under your recommendation! Can't wait to try it!
    Boys were home today because of sleet and icy roads. Wasn't bad this afternoon when I went out, though.
    And a balmy 33F degrees! ha.

    1. will love it!
      Add lots of stuff too.....I forgot to mention bacon bits and croutons.....yum!
      I buy the honey one for my Spinach salad...I prefer it to the do have 3 jars to finish! Hahaha!

  10. I think I could handle a little bit of Florida right now.

  11. That salad looks delicious! Yummy! You didn't have any of that apple pie bread, did you? Love the snowman planter!

    1. I sure did! And enjoyed every crumb! hahaha!
      Fat and happy :o)

  12. I can almost smell the apple pie bread! And that salad looks divine. I love fresh basil and miss it during the winter season. The flowers are beautiful, too! Have a nice week!

    1. Hi Cheryl!
      Basil is my favorite Herb...harder to find in the Winter...but found a pot at the grocery...hopped into my cart!
      You have a great week....

  13. Oh goodness..I thought you were still in Florida! Welcome home! :)

    Love the Apple Pie Bread and Salad. May we have recipes?

    Hens and Chicks that idea. :)

    Jane x

    1. WHAT???
      Jane...I am still here...haven't gone yet!!!
      Recipe is on the blog...will email you the date of the post!

  14. Well, younhadme at apple pie bread ni must know more!
    XO Kris

  15. Your flowers are so pretty - and cheery. Love the snowman planter - such fun! And your food pics look good enough to... eat! That salad looks so good. I am craving salads lately. Seem to go in fits and starts with them.

    1. That on was really good....the Romaine was nice and crispy...sometimes it is kinda flat this time!!
      Totally enjoyed it!
      How are you doing??

  16. I got a new kalanchoe last week and my friend told me they are also called "Flaming Katy" so I am calling my new one Katy - the old one doesn't have a name, perhaps I should call it Linda as you are the person who got me into them! I do love them though now that I know I can keep them alive for so long as I have never managed to keep houseplants before. The apple pie bread looks and sounds delicious!!!! Glad you got to the cottage safe and sound. xx

    1. I have never heard that! Katy is a beauty name for her!

  17. love. love. love. that snowman planter, Lisa!! He is just too stinkin' cute! All of your plants look so good. I trashed the poinsettias yesterday and somehow missed entirely ever getting a photo of my Christmas cactus in bloom. Plants just make life better. =) blessings ~ tanna

  18. Hi Linda .. Your pics are lovely and I always love to read your adventures with Miss V. My daughter and I have created a new blog that I invite you and your followers to check out

    1. Thanks Zaza.....I will check it out!

  19. Oh my good gosh, I love all these photos.

  20. Lovely blog as usual! Yumm...I won't ask for the apple pie bread recipe because the temptation will be overwhelming! So, Nadia and I kept a space for you in the class this morning, LSK. How's that for making you feel guilty? :) Have a nice rest of the week and take care...

    1. Gosh no Hester! It is to die for! Perhaps you should indulge!
      I do feel guilty....I just don't really like the teacher!
      And....I like to be in the back!
      Picky or what,eh?
      Too damn cold this morning....
      What's new with you?

    2. Okay, I'll indulge, recipe please? And don't feel guilty, soon you'll be speed walking on the beach, ha, ha. Quiet evening, this boyfriend's at a political event with the PM's wife as special guest. I'm glad not to have to go out in the cold!

    3. October 15,2012....
      Do you know how to get there?
      Sidebar...under all on 2012....navigate your way to this date.... on My Baking Addiction....and navigate to Apple Pie Bread!
      Hahaha! Sounds complicated....but not really...
      Let me know if you get lost!
      You are a good sport Hester!
      Enjoy your evening....

    4. Gosh, you've been blogging for a very long time, who knew? It was challenging, but I finally got to the link. I'll bake it and bring it to my daughter's this week, won't they be happy! Thanks, LSK....

    5. Excellent!
      We like to heat the slice and smother with butter! I don't have any fancy kitchen tools...I do the mixing by fork now...used the mixer the first time, but I found it hot all stuck in the mixer! Just sayin'!
      Good luck!
      Oh....I have never added the cranberries either...I use walnuts in the streusel!

  21. I have never heard of Apple pie bread, but it looks delicious! Beautiful photos, one and all!

    1. HI there Debra...Welcome!!
      Glad you enjoy my photos...


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