Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Yesterday At the Cottage......

Well...we finally made it to the cottage yesterday...

Not much snow...

A wee bit of ice...

Wind was gusting from the west...

-12* c....brrrrr..

We are always happy to see no damage when we visit...

There had been storm warnings for the Niagara Penisula...

Freezing rain...

High winds...

When you see the beach...

You will get a better idea of just how darn cold it was!!!


Tons of debris washed up...

If it all stays 'til Spring...

It will be quite a bonfire!

The odds of that are pretty slim...:o(

We even have an aluminum structure of some sort frozen solid...

Keep going...

You will come to it!!

Cold and icy enough for you???


On my back up to the cottage...

Along the path to the beachdeck...

My Yuccas are looking fabulous!!!

Nice and green...

And HAIRY...that means they will bloom this summer...

No blooms this past Summer, as they all looked dead from all the snow last Winter...

I tidied them up...

Patted them on the head...

And said..."You'll be just fine...you can rest this Summer......
But I want to see fancy flowers on you all next year".....OK??? ....
yes Linda....geesh!      
tee hee hee!


My two Dwarves are smiling...

Despite the frigid conditions...

I always say that I should paint them...

And every year, I never seem to have the time...

When I went inside...

I could not believe the living room window!!!

this frost was on the inside....

I guess because it was only almost 30*f in there!

It was actually melting while we were there...

The sunshine was so cosy...

It actually felt warmer than that inside!

Needed my ear warmer for sure this day...

Wonder why I have not crocheted myself one yet???

Oh well...

Still working on a Cat Tent...

                         Hope you are all having a great day...

            Freezing here...and even colder tomorrow...-14*c is the HIGH!!! 

                         Wind chill will make it feel like the -20"s...

                       Safe and snug inside...crochet hook busy...

             Easy dinner tonight...we went to Costco...so Rotisserie Chicken is on the menu!

        Add some green beans...sliced tomatoes and goats cheese...with avacado of course!!

                          Enjoy the rest of your day...

                           Thanks for all your lovely comments...you guys are THE best!!

                                          linda :o)


  1. Very interesting set of shots to show us just how rough and cold it can be out there.
    Far too cold for me . . . . .brrr . . . . it might as well be Mars,
    I'll come in the summer, ok . . . . lol . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie....
      Just as cold here at home.....brrrrr
      In the Summer???....well....ok!

    2. lol . . . . now that would be a surprise wouldn't it? . . . . how funny . . . rofl
      Managed to post something but will start doing sensible posts soon ~ little Peter is a lot better and I an having him on Thurdsay . . . hope he is not sick all over me . . . lol

    3. too funny! But....you never know!
      Hope Peter is better...enjoy Thursday!

    4. You know . . . I really doubt if my metabolism would allow me to live in such cold conditions in Canada. My teeth chattering together would sound like a pneumatic drill and I would resemble an Eskimo permanently . . . . lol

    5. really Eddie...did you know that there are American states further north than where I live???
      Heard of Minnesota...and Michigan???
      Also...this is way below seasonal temps for us in Southern Ontario...
      Also...I have never seen an Eskimo in real life...so I would not recognize you...HAHAHA!!!
      Canada always gets a bum wrap...

  2. Okay, you're starting to worry me....now you're having a conversation with your yuccas! :) I like your self portrait and of course, all the other photos, including your boots, ha, ha. Enjoy the rest of the week, especially if you spend time with little Ms. V.

    1. Hi Miss Hester...
      I always talk to my plants...don't you? hahaha!
      Yes...the boots...I have 2 pairs this year...so lucky!
      Might scoop her up tomorrow♥️

    2. Do you ever get a reply?
      Or do they reward you with an extra special bloom ? . . . :)

    3. not always....but they do stand at attention when I walk by them in the garden!
      Crazy little plants....tee hee hee!
      Can't wait to chat with them come Spring!!

  3. Cold cold cold cold!!! Brrrr! I am glad that all was well. Looking forward to seeing the yucca flowers!! xx

    1. Well Amy....you will have to wait till July....is that too long?
      Spring arrives March 20th....WOO HOO!

  4. you're sending your cold this way.
    today was pleasant. tonight we plunge into a deep freeze with 20 - 25 mph winds.
    i always feel sorry for the little wild life people and the birds!
    hope they can endure it all. we're to have days and days of it ... winding up with ice.
    beautiful pictures here. as always! xo♥

    1. Sorry Tammy!
      I thought the weather was kooky all over!
      I feel bad for the birds too....
      A couple of my peeps feed the feral cats....Deb and Betsy....lovely gals!
      Stay cosy.....

  5. Brr, brr, brr! There are many times when I'm glad I'm not any closer to the lake than I am, and then there are the times when I think I'm still too close. I should get brave and take my fancy lens down to the shore. Good thing I have some good mittens. Now where is my hat?

    1. You should crochet yourself a hat.....or ear warmer.....easy peasy!

    2. Just keep working my way around n a circle, right? Or maybe throw a small afghan over my hear.

    3. "head" That was supposed to say head.

    4. Hahaha!
      I usually make headbands in a rectangle....and then sew it together....
      You are SMART Martha...lots of free patterns out there.....
      Get busy....it's early!

  6. it looks soooo cold! The frog and Gnomes look even colder, lol, you look lovely in your winter duds!!!

    1. I guess you are used to it by now,eh Laurie?
      Yes...even them...ha!
      Thanks for the compliment!

  7. Hey Linda - I'm typing while cozy under a blanket with Audrey. haha! It is so cold here that tomorrow I have plans to keep me in the house. That's not an easy thing for me as I get cabin fever very easily but it will be -35 here with the wind. Gah! Love your photos tonight. You should work for National Geographic. :) And look at you all stylish in your leopard scarf. You are such a beautiful lady. Have a nice evening and do stay warm. Deb

    1. Oh Deb....you make me blush.....thanks!
      This tired face has seen better days....life goes on!
      Fire is burning....toasty and warm! You too, I hope.....

  8. Must be interesting to see it in the winter compared to all summer!

  9. That window shot is amazing. Love it. But wow. Burrrr.

    1. Yes......brr!
      Boogie boogie!

    2. We got hit today but I didn't have to leave and got to write recipes all ding dong day long. Loved it. Hope you're well tonight and boogie boogie.

    3. Yes...I sure ding dang are....

  10. Wonderful photos ! It is amazing what shows up on shore isn't it ? With the cottage being that cold to have ice on the inside of the windows aren't you worried about the water pipes bursting ? Super sounds YUMMY ! Yes frigging cold it is but the sun has shone for a bit so that's helps things lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good rest of the week !

    1. Nope.....water is all drained....nothing in pipes.....antifreeze in toilet!
      It was sunny today as well.....

  11. OK, this is just too COLD. How many days until Spring?

  12. Oh my, it has gotten COLD over there Linda. Those ear warmers are essential. Love that frosty window picture, so pretty, but it is looking rugged by the lake. What a lot of stuff has washed up! Very nice birdie action in the window - cheers, xx

    1. Yes...cold is the word...actually Frigid!
      Your daughter is colder I think....

  13. love the frosty window! Tis subzero today here as well, minus seven. And no snow even though it's Orthodox Christmas today!

    1. Well...Happy Christmas Dez...enjoy!
      Is that like Ukranian Christmas?

    2. More like Russian, mother Russia, Serbia, Macedonia, Jerusalem... we celebrate Christmas according to the old calendar. New Year is on the 14th :) I mean, I don't personally since I'm an atheist, but the country does....

  14. You haven't crocheted yourself ear warmers yet? Better get to it. You're going to need a change off with all that icy stuff hanging around over there. When I saw your Yuccas I remembered I didn't warm up my Rosemary plant that I was trying to nurture through the Winter months. Some "mommy" I am. I'll probably lose it with this fridgid cold. Maybe I'll run out and cover it later:)

    Lots of stuff washes up at the cottage. I'd love to rummage through it to see what treasures are buried inside, lol...GREAT shots, Linda! Stay warrm and thanks for sharing...

    1. Yes...on my list Louise!
      I am pretty sure the rosemary will be gone...sorry to tell you...perhaps you should have brought her inside!
      We have found a few funny things so far...boyfriend has been collecting them by the shed!

    2. Thank goodness I did bring a clipping in Linda because I checked this morning and she is a goner:(

      I hope you'll be sharing the funniest, lol...

    3. Oh dear...poor Rosemary!
      Yes...will share...once the deep freeze ends...I will take pics!

    4. Thanks and thank boyfriend too:)

  15. Looks too cold for me. If you've got the aluminum piece, then someone is missing it.
    Frost photo is incredible. Oh, Linda, stay warm!!!

    1. Well I guess so!
      You are lucky enough to live in the South...lucky you!
      I am Dixie...don't worry!

  16. I think look frozen and beautiful....:)

    1. Oh yes Gloria...me too!
      especially with the sunshine...

  17. Teeth chattering pics! But beautiful, just the same. Love frosty, frozen "fotos!"

    1. WOW! Alliteration and everything! Thanks Suzanne....


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