Thursday, 8 October 2015

Opening Game Of The World Series....GO Jays GO!!

As I am sure you all know...
Our Toronto Blue Jays finished up in first place...
And begin the playoffs for the World Series today!!

Miss V has been a fan, since she was born!!
Thanks to her Mom...Papa...and Uncle Ryan!!
Here she is a few weeks ago..meeting "Freckles"...♥️
Her Aunt Lissa and Uncle Jeffs new  puppy!!

Just on my way out the door...
Meeting my boyfriend at the cottage..on his way back from his business trip...
Will be back on Saturday...
Sunday will be having the family over for Thanksgiving dinner...
See you all then...have a great day!!

Don't forget...

                                   *** GO JAYS GO***

Enjoy your weekend..
                                  Cheers! :o)


  1. Such a pretty and devoted fan!
    That pic with the puppy is beyond cute - aw.
    Hope you have great weather by the lake.
    Go Jays Go!

  2. Betcha can't wait to see him. Though I confess,
    I know nothing about baseball or really, any
    sport that doesn't involve baking.

    Wishing you a great weekend. I'm cleaning
    house. Great day to hang the bedding outside.

    Clean Sheet Day - Woohoo.

  3. what a sweet heart! She's a fan I would love to have on my team!

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. Well done Toronto Blue Jays . . . . yay!!
    I am a supporter now as well . . .
    And well done all the cheerleaders and supporters . . . . nice to see a friend's team win . . . :)
    And that little supporter you have , , , wow I bet she is so pleased . . .
    Have fun at the cottage . . . :)

    1. Lots of Yays
      'cause of Blue Jays
      and their winning ways
      with all their plays.
      They rightly deserve all your praise
      and this poem for you has amazed . . . . lol

  5. Linda ~ while I would love to cheer your team on and think Ms. V is adorable in her Blue Jays attire I will have to cheer for my beloved Cubs. I was born "in the shadow of Wrigley Field" in Chicago what seems like light years ago. My mother always told us we were Catholics, Cub fans and Democrats and I have only changed one of those! LOL LOVE BASEBALL!! Go Cubbies Go!!

  6. Yes, I hear a lot of people will be staying home from work to watch the game today -- a mass epidemic of "bird flu," LOL!

  7. They have done well!So well!!
    Oh those girls look alike:)
    Love her skinny jeans..was at Michael's today..thought of u:)
    Happy Thanksgiving w/e Linda et famille...

    My husband's fave team..;) Your BJ's.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving! Would love to hear your menu!

  9. You know what I think is adorable? You and your daughter and Vivian all have the same shaped head. :-)

  10. Lovely photos ! Looks like all had fun ! Hope the weather is good for you guys at the cottage it is to be nice here as of Sat on but tomorrow Fri rain all day ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  11. What kind of dog is Freckles? Girl, boy? Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  12. I hope your little Blue Jays fan wasn't disappointed in their loss yesterday! Ouch. I really hope they turn around and come out on top in the end even though I'm not a ball fan (or any kind of sport). Hope the weekend is wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving wishes to you, your boyfriend and the family. Hugs. Pam

  13. Hope you have a great weekend with your boyfriend and a great thanksgiving weekend too! xx

  14. Cute photos, sad about our Jays' loss. We were at "Ripley's Aquarium" with my visiting little New York grand daughter yesterday, lots of excitement and blue t-shirts as the Jays game was close by. Have a wonderful family Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow!

  15. Miss V has grown so much! She's a little lady now :))


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