Sunday, 4 October 2015

This Made It All Worthwhile...♥️

The weather this weekend...
Has been unbelievabley windy and stormy.. 
We went to the cottage on Friday...
Lots of branches and twigs down...
Very windy...from the NE...
We tidied up...
And actually got some sun around 4pm...
It felt so nice and toasty...
But then...
The sun disappeared...
And we retired to the sunporch...
Still pretty chilly...
We came home on Saturday late afternoon...
Tons of rain... 
I looked thru my pics...
And decided...
That this particular Begonia...must have a true spirit...
Just look at those blooms...♥️
I really must repot him...and bring him perhaps...
Spend the winter inside with me...:o)

Hope your weekend was better...
Today is still breezy, dark and cold...
I am expecting some visitors shortly.. 
Wanted to share this beautiful Flower with you...again! was my best of the summer...
Hope to find the same colour again next year!! 

What are your Sunday plans???
What's for dinner at your home???
I think I'll make a Peameal Bacon roast...scalloped potatoes...and fresh Brussel Sprouts and some bok choy....sound good??

Enjoy your Sunday.... 

                         Cheers!  :o)


  1. I've been cleaning up the garden today, want to get it all done before I have cataract surgery the day after Thanksgiving. Then I can just stay inside and stay warm end read and knit and relax.

    1. Good luck with that'll be fine!

  2. That is one precious begonia..I will look next yr..I think I told you mine got all they are growing like new plants..but I am getting ready to say bye bye to them..
    It's been very chilly.40's..till the sun reaches spots right now t was balmy in the beds I put to sleep..I am doing it slowly this year..a bed or 2 at a time..last year we had the roofers nice to not have a crew around albeit they were nice..I just like being alone in the fall in the garden..unless it was ..a Little or 2 helping..and they will I am hiring them to empty my pots:)blablabla..

    Just came in..Jacques is in charge tonight..burgers on the BBQ and home baked fries.

    1. Why not bring one begonia inside? See how she fares? Yes?
      I think those little will love to help Nana in her garden...
      Burgers are my favorite....but I do love scalloped potatoes♥️ And....they were good!
      No garlic planted...will have to wait....

  3. From where I sit right now I can see my beautiful begonia on my front porch. It survived swimmingly through the winter inside my house, with some blooms all winter and has bloomed nonstop since I put it outside. Yours is really pretty. I hope you have great success when you bring it in for the winter.

    1. That is great news Lori! I have good success with the Geraniums...fingers that Begonia!
      Have a great week.....

  4. It's chilly here, too, Linda. But, better than yesterday. I spent the morning getting in my hour walk, cleaning up the perennials, picking the last of the tiny tomatoes and filling bird-baths. Now I'm just back from taking Kane into our little town of Manotick for a walk. He is slow but he sure does love his walks still. Easy dinner tonight...bbq chicken breasts, mashed potatoes, yellow beans and coleslaw. And that baguette is calling my name. :) Enjoy your evening. Hugs, Deb

    1. Sounds good, Deb...enjoy!
      Have a great week....

  5. yes. sounds good. it ALWAYS sounds good. and i don't even eat pork! LOL.
    i'm having delicious simple homemade chicken soup.
    had a beautiful dinner with the marine last night and we drove into the city and walked around myriad gardens.
    there was a formal wedding about to take place...
    white tents with fair lights... beautiful music wafting through the park... so lovely.
    fountains and just the right amount of breeze.
    and here comes the bride and her ladies... and guess what...
    she's letting her train drag along the ground! good grief! I thought that's what the ladies were for!
    the mother in me wanted to say... PICK IT UP!!! LOLOL! IT'S GOING TO BE RUINED!!!
    we passed her on her way to the place they were holding the wedding. by the time she got there... who knew?
    the begonia...
    looks like it's lit from within! just breathtaking really. :)

    1. "with FAIRY lights"
      I don't even know what fair lights are.
      and good grief. comment is TOO LONG. sorry.

    2. Your comments are NEVER too long Tammy....
      Love your time with The Marine....

  6. Thanks for sharing the flower with us. Heat on yesterday, today, not. Tonight, probably.

    1. Heat on here....supposed to warm up....hope so!

  7. Sounds a delicious meal ~ should I bring my own chair? . . lol
    What a beautiful begonia . . . . lovely . . :)
    Today I was cutting down a hedge at my daughter's house, making room for a garden shed base. It is very hard work and I have decided to buy an electric chainsaw. I need to do some cutting down at my place too.
    I saw Rosa and had a lovely cuddle with her and walked her round the garden in the fresh air, wrapped in a blanket. She seemed to like it a lot . . :it was quite a nice day today and yesterday . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie... lots of chairs!
      I had my 2 daughters...SIL and. Miss V visit this afternoon ,
      A full house!
      Yes...get yourself an electric chainsaw....we have one....hardly use it! Hahaha!
      Give Rosa a hug from me......

  8. Lovely bloom there . I brought my Geraniums in now as the winds were getting to cold for them . It has been chilly but today did end up sunny and a bit warmer so we had a fire going in the chiminea and did some more garden clean up . Supper was roast chicken , mashed potatoes and carrot, cauliflower and broccoli mix veg with gravy topped off with a cuppa of tea and a sweet treat . . Thanks for sharing , have a good evening !

    1. I love that flower !
      Dinner sounds delish....enjoy!

  9. Beautiful begonia...I just love the colors of those blooms! Glad you're going to bring it in this winter...I might do the same for
    my orangey colored one...what's to loose?

    Dinner sounds good. We had soup...sausage and I showed on my blog. Made it again it was so good.
    Made enough for leftovers,, eh? haha.

    1. I know!! I have shown her lots here this summer..must get the same colour next year!!
      Gonna try and see if she makes it!!
      Very smart Betsy...yes indeed!!

  10. We drove home from Pennsylvania in the rain yesterday. We took the l-o-n-g way home. Big mistake, but we managed not to kill each other on the way. Today we were lazy. Should have been out doing something in the sunshine, but we took a nap instead.

    1. You had sunshine??? None here :o(
      Boyfriend heading down to Muncy PA for a few meetings this week...
      Napping is good!

  11. Omg! Your dinner sounds so much better than mine. I had Ramen noodle soup. We've had rain all weekend and flooding. Our properties have been ok, but I have friends whose homes were flooded. It's a mess! I feel so bad for those affected.

    1. I see on the news that things are pretty least you are safe..flooding is hideous!
      You can come for dinner anytime Laurie!!

  12. Nice that you had your SIL, daughters and Miss V. yesterday. We did our weekly movie yesterday afternoon and the Cineplex was busy and crowded. No wonder, such a cold and windy weekend. Had dijon/honey chicken breasts with roasted beets and butternut squash for dinner. Your dinner sounds yummy, except for the roast, ha, ha. Have a good week...

    1. I'll bet it was packed at the show!! What movie did you see??
      Your dinner sounds beets!! pork for you! hahaha!

    2. Movie was "Sicario" about the drug trade. Great acting, but way too tense for me. A comedy sounds like an idea for next time. :)

  13. Lovely Begonis . . . (Maybe I will try and save mine inside too!)
    I wish I had read your Sunday dinner plans earlier . . . I would have stopped in for some "eats!"
    I hope this week brings sun and warmer . . .

    1. Oh you should Lynne...we can compare notes on how they do!!
      The potatoes were perfect!

  14. It was breezy, dark and cold all weekend here too. Still is. Could use a little sunshine. Or that meal. Sounds heavenly. My wife is out of town, so I ate a TV dinner. The kind where the cardboard boxing is the most appetizing looking part.

    1. TV dinner?? They still make those?!
      Sunshine would be great...perhaps later in the week...
      Thanks for stopping by!

  15. Such a shame about the weather, it seems to have arrived here with us now, it has been raining all day and is forecast to continue and then we have the delights of the hurricane to arrive! Glad that you made the best of it and that your beautiful begonia put on a lovely show for you, she is definitely a winter keeper if you can isn't she! xx

    1. Oh dear...good luck!
      A rather dreary one here again today....geesh!
      I don't mind the cooler least if the sun shines!

  16. Dinner sounds delicious - I 've not been eating for a week - some innards problems. Great way to lose weight though!
    Beautiful begonia - she's a real star.

    1. Oh dear...nothing serious I hope...get better!


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