Monday, 26 October 2015

Perfect Friday.......

As we turned onto the cottage road last Friday...
I just knew it was going to be a beautiful day!!
I have never seen this Horse and rider before...
And I tried to get a few pictures as we drove by!
When we pulled into the driveway...
I grabbed my camera...
Headed to the wait for him to pass by...
While waiting...I thought...look at that cottage!!
How cute is she??
So...I snapped a few from the street!! my dismay...the rider must have turned around...:o(
Never passed the cottage...
Oh well...
This did not get me down...what a glorious day ahead of me!!

We set the chairs up...behind the beach there was a fierce East wind!!
We ate lunch there...sheltered from the wind...
No grass cutting...
I captured a shot from the bedroom...
How beautiful is that??!! {except for the dirty windows!!}


This sign hangs on the sunporch...

A gift from daughter Lissa and SIL Jeff...

Love it there!!

I zoomed in for a closeup! 

They gave us 3 signs so far...

They all look great!!

Time for a walkabout...

And a beach visit...

Loved seeing this Jay...

Even tho' our Jays lost that night  :o(

Thanks for a great Season!!

Boyfriend also loves Notre Dame football!!
Must be the IRISH in him!!

While dinner was in the oven...
And the WIND died down...YAHOO!!
My boyfriend got busy, and set up the fire pit, on the beach deck...
I got the kindling...and away we went!!
The Moon was very bright in the South east that night...
It looks fabulous when reflecting off the lake!!

My boyfriend thoguht that we should have a picture of me...
In my VERY old plaid fleece jacket...hahaha!
So glad I did not donate this!!
Comes in handy..for those chilly evenings...
And...matched with one of my cowls...very toasty indeed!! socks!! thrifty shoes!!

See the Moon up there??

When we went inside...I got to work on an indoor fire...
I just love spending the evening this way...
On the couch...
Listening to music...
And...even...a dance or two ♥️

This is what we woke up to!!
Spent a leisurely time inside...putzing around...had a nice breakfast...
Headed home around we were attending an engagement party...
For my nephew Liam...and his fiancee Aimee!!
All my kids were there as well...and saw a few friends that I had not seen for  a while...had a really nice time!! Even a live band...and MORE dancing!!

Hope you all had a great weekend...and are enjoying this Sunny day!!
We are expecting torrential rains on Wednesday...
Remnants from PATRICIA...
And very high winds!! the way...celebrated 4 years of blogging yeaterday!!

I am so grateful for all of the lovely people who visit me...

Blogging has been very rewarding to me...

Best of all...

I got to meet all of you...and you know who I mean! hahaha!!

Thanks for all your support...and new friendships...

Here's to many more years... 

If I can think of some new topics!! beside the cottage and Miss V!!!

                  Cheers!  :o)


  1. What a beautiful cottage you have. It really looks like you had a wonderfully relaxing evening! I love fires outside when it's chilly! And that fleece is a keeper... It looks very comfy. Have a great day, Silvana

    1. thanks Silvana...
      I do hate to come home sometimes!!

  2. I do see the moon. Wonderful shots. Great cottage you have. What a wonderful getaway.

    Happy Halloween Week.

    1. Hey Ivy!
      thanks...happy Halloween week to you too!!

    2. Thanks. Once Hubby gets home on Thursday, we start a ten day Halloween staycation.

    3. Fantastic! Enjoy!
      Boyfriend heading to the East coast next Monday for 3 days...I have a long list of things I want to do!

  3. Happy Blogerversary!
    So happy we met...on we need to meet in person.

    1. Thanks Linda!!
      I will add you to the list of people to meet!!
      So little time it seems....

  4. Love your jacket, Linda. That's the perfect one for out-door camp-fires. Your photos are always so great (love that blue-jay). I don't seem to have too much trouble capturing them with a peanut around here, either. It's cool here but sunny so lots of things getting done outside. And...warmer days on the way. Sending a hug.

    1. Hug received♥️
      That jacket is soooo old...some things are timeless,eh??
      We have not seen many Jays this I was very excited to see him!!
      Enjoy your week...hugs back to you!!!

  5. Yes, time to get out the Blue Jays crying towel for another season . . . . But hey, happy 4th blogoversary!

    1. No crying towels...they were awesome!!
      It is just sad that now I have to watch the LEAFS for months...they suck! hahaha!

  6. Always love your stories in photos - beautiful.
    What a great weekend, and such a wonderful pic of you!
    Sad about the Blue Jays but they were stars to the end!

    1. Thanks Suzanne...that is why I love blogging so much...comments like this!
      The Jays were stars to the end...hope to see them in Florida again in March!!

    2. And forgot to say, "congrats on year 4" - wow. Blog on!

  7. It is a perfect day..Roger Whittaker;)

    WEll I would not leave that place..I love it..and your tartan outdoor/indoor top..

    Your bird pics are always phenomenal..the blue jay is fab.
    Love the signs..

    there are so many cute things you can buy for a cottage by the lake..

    we lived in horse country from 1977 until about 15 yrs was not unusual to see horses along the servitude..on roads..on a regular basis..we are 5 mnutes away now..but no horses..

    I am a Mtl Candiens fan :)Have a C Price t-shirt the boys like..
    yes I dress for them friend laughs when I tell her I sleep w/ mascara when they sleep over.

    4 years! I missed so much..
    Happy Anni!!

    1. Hi Monique!
      You like the top??? is a classic I suppose...comes out when I need it!! Fits over a LARGE sweater...I like that!!
      Isn't it just so special when you see a horse...or a horse and a rider???
      Love horses!!
      Ok...are you ready for this...I also sleep with mascara if I have company!!! hahaha!!
      Have a great day!!

  8. Cottage is looking good! And I love those pictures of the fire! We need to pull out our little fire pit and
    makes some s'mores before it's too cold to be enjoyable!

    1. Oh, and happy 4 years! Sooooo fun, isn't it? Could never have imagined it being so great!

    2. Yes...have a firepit!! So fun!
      Yes...blogging has been fun for me...I just need to stop feeling guilty about having nothing to blog about!! hahaha!
      You had a super day with Alex...awesome!!

  9. Happy Blogaversary!!! Here's to many more happy bloggy years! It has been great to get to know you though this medium too! Looks like a wonderful Friday. Shame that Saturday wasn't the same, but I am sure that you had a good time! xx

    1. Hi Amy.....
      Great getting to know you as well Amy....we have had some good chats,eh?
      Had a very nice time! Thxs!

  10. How beautiful is that??!! Extremely beautiful. Oh Linda, I miss summer so much... (the season, not the girl)

    And you woke up to that? How cruel the world can be!

    1. P.S. 4 years of blogging? Congratulations!

    2. Hi Blue!
      Don't worry....she will return...before we know it!
      Thanks for the good wishes...
      I must visit you....I have been very lazy!
      It sure is a beautiful place.....

  11. Yay! Congrats on 4 years. Love 'Go Jump in the Lake'!!

  12. Wonderful photos . I love your cottage soo cozy inside and out . I have a few plaid jackets to we call them lumber jackets and they are warm and cozy I have always had a few lol ! Happy Blogversary on 4 years WOOHOO !! I to enjoy blogging , sharing and reading other blogs like this wonderful blog of yours . Today and yesterday's weather was lovely and yes we are to get hit by lots of rain and high winds starting tomorrow afternoon . Thanks for sharing , Have a good evening !

    1. Thanks Elaine....I love your photos too!
      Stay safe from the storm!

  13. Happy Blogging Anniversary !! I so enjoy your photos .. the places are always so pretty and there is something so soothing about it ..
    besos.. C

    1. That means a lot to me Candice.....thanks♥️

  14. Perfect Friday and perfect, lovely photos. Congrats on your blogging anniversary, glad I joined. :) And that mascara comment above applies to me too! Nice that you enjoyed the engagement party, hope you and the BF danced a lot. Have a good week...

    1. Ha!
      True confessions over here,eh?
      We had a great did all my kids!

  15. Great post! Good way to celebrate 4 years! And sounds like a great weekend. Love your fleece jacket for the campfire too. Is that a distant shoreline I see in picture #6?

    1. Hi. Furry!
      I guess my jacket is a hit.....hahaha!
      Straight across the Lake, is Dunkirk New York!
      Lake Erie is the smallest and shallowest of the a Great Lakes...don't I sound smart?

  16. Let's see....beautiful cottage, beautiful lake views, love the bluejay and love the shoes. Your jacket looks warm as does your fire...

    Happy Blogaversary!

    1. thanks Laurie!!
      We do love our cottages, eh??

  17. no worries about new topics.
    these will do nicely.
    i never tire of seeing the beauty of the cottage and your life! xo
    and ... the star of the show... miss V!

    1. HI Tammy....
      Kind words as always...♥️

  18. Glad to contribute some rain from 'my' hurricane :)
    I am sure it lower my blood pressure just looking at your beautiful pictures of arriving at the lake, the setting, the fires, the blue jay. All in harmony. A beautiful post Linda.

    1. is all your fault Patricia!! hahaha!
      She was quite a big storm...looks like we will get well as the cottage!!
      Such nice words...thanks!!

  19. Enjoyed reading your post and seeing all the pictures. Good one. Good shot!

  20. Nice post, great pics and views . . .
    Love the plaid fleece . . .
    Old Comfies are the best . . .
    Happy Four Years . . .
    So happy I met you!

  21. Congratulations on the 4 years blogging.
    Agree that we meet very nice people here (and very pleased I met you).
    Loved the cottage pictures and the bonfire and all the shots you took with lots of detail while the weather was good.
    Remarkable how different it became the next day . . . brrr!
    Shame the winter is approaching . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie....
      We sure do meet nice people...and some ?able ones as well!!hahaha!
      The weather on a Great Lake is very unpredictable...tomorrow should be quite a big one...worried about the cottage :o(

    2. ?able

      ?? . . .wonder what you mean . . lol

  22. Beautiful photos Linda! I love the one of the blue jay and the one of you in your awesome fleece plaid jacket! I think I'd be wearing socks though! lol I hope the cottage and property fair well in this big storm. It's coming to us tomorrow night and Thursday. At least it will be warmer than usual at 17C!! xx Pam


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