Thursday, 1 October 2015

My Garden is Welcoming October.....

Took a quick walk around the garden today...

This first day of October...

I do believe the Geraniums are loving these cool evenings... 

But will be pleased as punch when I repot them, and bring them indoors...

To bloom for me over the long Winter months... 

My beautiful Lime Light Hydrangea...

Just outside my kitchen window...

Is so pleased with herself...

That she is actually blushing♥️...

How beautiful!!

Think by next week...

She will be clipped and join me inside...

In a special vase... 

Signs of Fall are in the front and side yards...

And on the back of the house...

Love the addition of the RED... 

The Cedar Wax Wings are enjoying all the plump berries...

I have tried to get a picture of them...but they are very quick!!

Will keep trying!!

Hope you are all having a great day...

Lovely and sunny here again...

Our friends in the Maritimes had a horrible rainstorm yesterday...

Sending them my good wishes that they are safe and sound...

Lots of damage to roads and bridges...and they will probably get the remnants of Hurricane Joaquin as he makes his way up the east coast of North America... 

Hope my friends in the Carolinas will be safe...

For dinner...
We had some rotiserrie chicken  and some stuffed peppers that I made this afternoon....with some fresh juicy tomato slices on the side... 

I also got the peach jam made today...quite a busy day for me...hahaha!!

We will be off to the cottage in the morning...

Supposed to be on the cool side...but sunny...I think it got a ton of rain the other day...

Will have to get the boyfriend to split a few logs for me...


The first indoor fire of the new season...yippee!!

I will take care of the kindling!! That is my job...

Enjoy your evening and the upcoming weekend...

                 Cheers!  :o)


  1. Beautiful shots of your garden turning colour Linda! The birds in my yard are eating up all those annoying tiny flying bugs that are swarming everywhere. I'll be bringing my geraniums indoors too ... three! ... and each year the pots get a little bit bigger! Have a great cottage weekend, and enjoy that first fire ;)

    1. I love bringing plants inside! Love their blooms....and their colour!

  2. Happy Autumn. Just a lovely time of year. And looky there. I see your feeties. To cute.

    1. Hahaha! Long live the flip flop!

    2. That would be a great tee-shirt for you.

      Long Live The Flipflop.

  3. I really do love your limelights. Your first indoors fire of the season....sounds cozy. I can't wait until it gets that cool here. It was cooler today because of the rain, but it's still humid. Hopefully, that will change by next week. So how cool is it at night at your home?

    1. Right now, going down to about 8*c....but still in the mid teens by afternoon....below seasonal for us...
      We were humid just 2 days ago!
      Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Beautiful flowers with Autumnal reds beginning to show on the plants.
    Hope the hurricane moderates for your friends . . . dreadful things . .
    Bon voyage for your cottage visit.
    I posted the other day . . . as requested . . lol. . . . :)

  5. Love your blushing beauty!
    Indoor fires are the best - love that cosy feeling.
    So happy that the humidity has left us. Enjoy the cot-tawge! (((())))

    1. Isn't she a beauty! I think I should plant more!
      Will do Suzanne....enjoy your weekend!

  6. I think that hydrangea has got to be my favorite....the hints of colors are just beautiful!
    Inside fire sounds great...enjoy!

    1. yay for rotisserie chicken night! lol....

    2. Hahaha! Knew you would like both!
      Enjoy your weekend!

  7. i love those stone faces. makes me smile.
    have a wonderful weekend at the cottage! i always say that. and you always do.
    it's such a special place.

    1. Got those at the $ store....years ago...wish I had bought more!
      Will report in next week!

  8. Beautiful photos . . .
    Love all the color that is still in your world . . .
    We have moved to yellow, orange, muted browns over night.
    Enjoy the cottage this weekend . . . and sitting by the wood fire . . .
    Fresh air, cool temps, fragrance of fall in the air . . .
    Life is Grand . . .

    1. You really should write short stories Lynne!
      I love reading your comments!
      Have a great weekend!

  9. Sounds like a lovely weekend, dear friend. Love that you can bring those geranium blooms indoors for the winter...I have to save my ferns---it's colddddd here! Love your ivy, it's the first on your sidewalk. And the second on your brick wall? So curious, it's gorgeous!

    So glad to be home but I have major work to do in the garden and the hard decisions to toss half gone plants now while it's mild (50's) Dad...sniff...

    Happy Weekend to you!

    Jane x

    1. Ferns are more difficult! I find them messy indoors!
      You certainly had a great vacation...glad you are home, safe from the hurricane!
      The vine on the ground is Engleman Ivy...on the house is Boston Ivy!
      Love the red...but only in the fall....
      Have a great weekend!
      Did you see Miss V's shoes?

  10. Oh my gosh ferns indoors..I tried..if you grow them from the beginning have a chance..but bringing in my poch ferns..what a MESS..for months..
    I do applaud you though have more" let's do it in" you at the moment than I do..I was always thrilled when the geraniums I brought in started blooming indoors..
    but my pots are big and clay..and I used to put them in our basement windows..lug up lug down..I won't this year..but what a head start they get compared to buying new every year.Good for you..and I love watching things grow:)
    You did get a lot done!
    I love that pic on your sidebar of your BF holding Miss V,her little hand uder her quickly they change..I have had many photos developped oved the years and love looking ath the albums..their sweet ittle baby faces..toddler..
    Have fun in cottage country.

    1. I agree...far too messy!!
      I just repot them in ordinary pots...just love to have the colour inside!
      Would love to have big clay pots...most of my BIG ones, are PVC...and I can leave them out all winter!
      I was very busy in the kitchen...made a huge mess! hahaha!
      That is one of my favorites pics as well Monique...I keep thinking about updating the sidebar...but then I feel bad about deleting anything!!
      I purchased a few Brag Books from Michaels...and got another 101 free pics from Shutterfly...will spend an afternoon filling them up!!
      You have a great weekend yourself...enjoy!!

    2. I would go PVC ..everything lighter in the future..:)
      I make huge messes in the kitchen and sparkle it up after;)Right after.
      Shutterfly is amazing..amazing.
      Linda..I am like that w/ photos in our home..I keep should change that one etc..and then to think of that face no longer in that frame:(
      Oy..I am way too sentimental.

    3. Oh me too...usually run the dishwasher right away!
      The PVC ones are at the cottage...they are HUGE...from Costco....
      Oh me too Monique...way too mushy!
      We are home...way too cold and darn windy! Raining here...
      Did not get the garlic planted :o(

  11. You still have so many great things in the garden! It is lovely to see the leaves changing colour. Hope that you enjoy the fire, that will be a lovely weekend treat!! xx

    1. Home today :o(....crazy windy cold weather!
      Will have a fire here at home!

  12. Love your outdoor gardening photos, but I'm just not ready for fall yet. And neither are you, just noticed your flip-flops, ha, ha. Just checked out little Miss V's shoes from the previous blog, too cute! :) Yesterday was really, really windy and cold in Niagara on the Lake. Saw a wonderful play, then had dinner at our friend's lovely house in the same neighbourhood. Have a great weekend and keep warm...brrr...

    1. Oh either Hester....this weather today is testing me...for sure! We had to come home....:o(
      Sounds like a great day Hester....happy for you!

  13. It's still looking like summer in your yard Linda. I must say my geraniums are still blooming profusely too as are some other plants. Frost warning for tonight though so I'll have to cover them. It's trying to be sunny here this morning but it's cold and cloudy. I think the hurricane is pushing off to the Atlantic so we won't get the heavy rains predicted previously, thankfully! We had a month's worth and more already this week. I hope you're enjoying the weekend at the cottage. xo Pam

    1. Crappy here...we came home!
      No fire....:o(
      Perhaps tonight....:o)

  14. Those cooler days and nights are here. The trees are starting to change colours now. Enjoy the cottage and bundle up and stay warm.

  15. My geraniums are just beginning to give the last hoorah, so they will be pulled up next week unfortunately. The winter pansies will be replacing them. Love this time of year, especially the mists that are now appearing in the morning. Have a wonderful weekend, especially sitting around a cozy fire xx

    1. Hi Chel!
      Welcome back!
      We are home...a fire here foe sure!


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