Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Miss V and her Mom paid us a visit on Sunday afternoon...
Always happy to see them!
Miss V asked me to come upstairs for a minute...
"Nana...can I play with the pumpkins in your office?"...
"Why...of course you can dollface..."
"You come  with me Nana...ok?"

We sat at the dining room table...
The sun was pouring in... 
Which made it even more magical!!

This is what she wanted to play with...
This jar of wax pumpkin heads!
I have had this 4ever...and she always looked at it when she was little...
It is kept in a cabinet in my office upstairs...
A few seasonal things that I take out at the appropriate time of year...
She loves counting them...
Lining them up...
Giving everyone one to hold onto...
Such fun...from such a small thing...
I think she will remember this jar of Pumpkin heads for a very long time♥️

Hope you are all having a great day!!
Weather not too bad here....YET!!
Lots of sunshine earlier..but the clouds are thickening...
Waiting for the storm to arrive...
Should be a dilly...
Lots of rain...and high winds...
Especially for the cottage!! YIKES!!
My boyfriend went out there this morning...
To clear a few things off the sunporch...
And generally...batten down the hatches!!
Hope no trees come down...
Winds predicted to be over 90kms/hr...
Coming straight in off the Lake!!
Oh well...the old girl has been great all these years...
Weathered lots of storms...
See you on Friday!! 


I spent the afternoon in the kitchen...
I have Potato Leek soup on the stove...YUM!
And dinner tonight will be Pepper Steak..
As pictured below...from a previous meal!!
I did post the recipe once...but...for the life of me...
I cannot find it!!
Potato Leek soup is on November 30/2012 post...
Remember me...
I CANNOT cut and paste!!

 enjoy your evening everyone...
stay safe from the storm...

Cheers! :o)


  1. Aww, she really is such a cutie! So are those pumpkin heads - well, not quite as cute as Miss V, but still cute! Hope that all will be OK with the storm and that the cottage and your house will be OK. xx

    1. Haha...I know what you mean Amy!
      Fingers crossed for the cottage!

  2. What a pretty and *magical* post. I think Miss V will ALWAYS remember those pumpkin heads. Think back - was there one thing you loved to play with at your grandmother's house? I bet there was. :) We are in for rain, rain & more rain tomorrow. Good day to clean the mouse-house. Have a great evening, Linda.

    1. Hi Deb....
      No grandmas for me :o(
      Lots of rain due....stay safe!
      Enjoy your evening....

  3. The simplest things are so pleasing. Miss V had a wonderful time with those little pumpkins. I was moving some things around today and moved a tic tac toe game of squirrels on Autumn leaves and was things that grandson used to love the little squirrels and do the same as Miss V, line them up, organize them by colours, count them and more. He even used to hide them and we would find them. Enjoy it while you can, they grow so quick. He's 8.5 now and doesn't play such simple games anymore ... into Lego, Minecraft and technical things.
    It's getting very cloudy before the big rain storm hits tomorrow.

    1. things should be thinking ... darn auto correct

    2. Yes...they do grow too quickly, Linda...
      I am already aware of that....sadly enough!
      Let's get some pictures of the rain!

  4. Miss V and fairy dust...too cute!
    Meals organised for tomorrow in case of a power cut..fingers crossed!
    Stay safe.
    Jane x

  5. Love those piccie of Miss V.
    She is growing up so fast isn't she.
    It is surprising that they always go to the things they know and like to play with.
    Not expensive and quite simple ~ seems to work every time. . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie...
      Yes....too fast....just as I assume Peter is!
      She is very comfortable here...knows where all the good stuff is!
      Ain't it the truth!

  6. Lovely photos . Miss V is a sweety . Yup nasty storm coming in off of lake Erie and we both know how bad the lake effect storms can be don't we Linda ?! Yup this old farm house of 100+ years will be a creaking and a cracking in the high winds that are about to hit to with this storm and tons of rain as well gona be a doozy for sure got the wood in side for heat in case the hydro goes out and it is chilly have lanterns and means of cooking on my gas stove just in case always prepared lol ! Oh sounds YUMMY going on in your kitchen today ! Thanks for sharing , fingers crossed that all will ok in this storm . Have a good evening !

    1. Take lots of pictures Elaine!
      I'll be watching the news, for the cottage area!

  7. My gosh, Linda. I cannot believe how fast Miss V is growing up.

  8. Love your little sparkle additions...so fun! Cute little pumpkins, too....she'll remember them forever.
    We had rain today..,knocked a lot of leaves down. Tomorrow comes the fierce winds and rain...hold on! haha.

    Pepper Steak looks yummy...my mom used to make it served over rice. I should make it some time...I always loved it.

    1. I use the no yolk noodles instead of rice....something different!
      Not looking forward to the storm...:o(

  9. She sure is magical and cute as a button...her hair is getting long. Hope you fair well with the wind and rain. We had light rain on and off all day. Tomorrow is supposed to be the same. Your dinner looks delish! I had a shrimp salad with cucumbers and cantaloupe.

    1. Not too bad yet, Laurie....lots of rain....good for the plants and trees!

  10. Magic, magic everywhere! Gosh she is sprouting with every post. Laughing at the pumpkin heads - funny how such simple things can be so very entertaining.
    Batten down the hatches! My friends start their drive to Florida tomorrow so hope they are safe. I was to join them in 10 days, but unfortunately just not up to it.
    Dinner sounds so tasty!

    1. Suzanne....you still not well? So sorry to hear that....take care of yourself! I sent you an email!

  11. Little Miss V is so darn cute! I love the magical touch to your photos. You two are making memories together, she will always remember playing with the pumpkin faces at your house!
    Your food looks and sounds delish! I haven't made pepper steak in a long time. It sounds so much better than the hotdogs I had tonight.
    Take care and stay safe in those storms!

    1. Hi Cheryl....thanks for stopping by!
      I sure hope she remembers....I sure will! Hopefully for a long time yet!
      Safe and sound....thanks!

  12. Seems there is a recipe outline for pepper steak on your March 22, 2012 post?

    1. Yes....I see that now!
      Gosh...my older posts were pitiful! Hahaha! But...lots of detail!

  13. Here you go!

    After thinly slicing the leeks...[2..white and pale green parts only]

    Softening them in butter...[you decide how much]

    I added the chopped celery...[3 stalks with leaves]

    I also included the celery leaves....as I find they add a ton of flavour...

    Generous amounts of sea salt and freshly ground black pepper...

    Sauteed those ingredients until tender...

    Added the chicken broth, and water...[3 cups broth...1 water]

    Added the diced potatoes...[LOTS...as i love them..5-6]

    Some dried Thyme...

    A few Bay Leaves...

    More Pepper...:o)

    Bring to a boil...then....

    Let that simmer until the potatoes are tender...

    That took quite a while...but well worth the wait....

    Added the milk...[2 cups]

    Simmer again...[do not boil]

    When fully cooked, you may puree 1/2 of the mixture...and add back to the soup...

    I did not puree mine...

    I used my potato masher...just to break down the potatoes...

    Enjoyed with some fresh crusty bread...


    Bon Apetit...

    1. Well......gee......thanks Birdie!
      But.....err.....I think I did make reference to that recipe! Hahaha!

  14. I think it's precious that Miss V loves the pumpkin heads...I remember feeling the same way as a child about various little treasures my mother had. Kids are hard to figure out. I hesitate to toss some things thinking that little Elsie (and more to follow) will like to see them even though I may think they aren't part of my favorite decor right now!!

    Good food...would love the potato leek soup recipe but you know, I can't figure out how to copy and paste on this new Mac. Silly. I can help you if you don't have a Mac!!!

    Love to you,

    Jane x

    1. Hey Jane....
      Birdie has been nice enough to copy the recipe above!
      I have an Ipad and a Big Mac upstairs....
      My son has shown me 500 times how to cut and paste!!! Ain't gonna happen....but, thanks!

  15. I too have some great memories of toys and trinkets from Grandma's house, She had some vegetable magnets on her refrigerator that were cool, a pouch full of old cards to play "mailman" with, and a very cool collection of play dishes.
    We have a dark and rainy morning here. Makes going to work just a little bit easier.
    Hope you are warm, cozy, and baking something wonderful!

    1. HI Martha...nothing like great memories,eh??
      I did!!
      Miss V and I made a coffee cake together...and she was an awesome assistant!!
      How did you guess??? :o)

  16. Little hands love little pumpkin heads!

  17. These are sweet pics of V playing with your tiny pumpkins. It's the smallest things that amuse them sometimes eh? I remember Eli when he was about 18 months playing for a good half hour with a pair of mittens - on, off, on off. Love it! I noticed your TGIF sign in the background. Cute! :) I hope the storm isn't bad especially at the cottage! It's a beautiful day here so far but I see some high hazy cloud coming in. It's supposed to be very warm tomorrow. Take care!

    1. Good eye,Pam!!
      Not too bad so far here...but not warm!! only 9c!!!
      Hope the cottage is safe.........

  18. Wow, this magical blog reminds me of teaching grade 1 and isn't Miss V. a cutie! South Common wasn't very busy this morning, only we obsessive exercisers, ha, ha. Had to change our plans today, visiting the Magna Carta exhibit at Ft.York didn't seem wise in the rain. Your pepper steak must have been very delicious. :)

    1. Thanks for dropping in!
      I always think I will go to SC....but then I don't!
      Dinner was delish!

  19. What sweet and cute is my dear miss V:)))
    She look beauty !
    <3 <3 <3

  20. Love the sweetness of your Miss V . . .
    She will remember those sweet pumpkins . . . I agree . . .
    And I am sure you will too . . .

    1. Yes I will Lynne...and it warms my heart just thinking about it!!


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