Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Bits & Bobs.......

Is it dull...dreary and dark where you live?

Lets try and brighten things up!

My favorite Santa, has his hat on for the festive season...

My son painted it many years ago....

He stays up all year long in my dining room!

The day I took that picture, the sun was actually shining!

Haven't really seen it since last Friday, when we drove to the cottage...

All this snow is long gone...

Melted by high temps and lots and lots of rain!

Not sure if we will have a white Christmas or not.....


The family room mantle is all lit up!

Don't you love it when all the lights are on at Christmas???

Everything looks so beautiful!

We have had the lights on all day, with this dreary dark weather!

Snapped this gorgeous sky and red barn on our drive last Friday...

I have become very attracted to the barns and silos lately...

Wonder why??

Check out the huge black cloud below...

I think that was the week before...

Before the beautiful snow fall....

This was the Full Moon a couple of weeks ago....gorgeous!

Got myself a Christmas pedicure and manicure yesterday after fitness and coffee...

Next one will be before FLORIDA!!!!


Can't hardly wait!

This was my lunch the other day...

Apple cinnamon tea with raspberries,blackberries,yogurt and honey...

Very delicious....indeed!

Managed to bake 2 banana,lemon,raspberry loaves the other day...

We had eaten every last one!

Staircase looks very festive...

These lights are on all day as well...

Otherwise it feels like it is 9pm!!

This is the first year that I added the big green balls to the staircase...

Usually they go on the tree...

What do you think??

I love this tiny stocking I bought for Miss V her first Christmas...

I put a big V on it with some wool...♥️

Lights on the tree are on as well...

So darn dark these last 4 days...

Need some sun!!

And very blustery and dark...had a few flurries throughout the day...nothing on the ground...just blowing around!

Aren't these white flocked Poinsettias lovely?

Another gift from Erika...she always gets me such nice things...

She had brought me the big green balls as well one year...

Fantastic having a daughter in the floral design business!!

My thrifty Snowman buy for this year...

Had to laugh...

He is holding a hockey stick!!

How Canadian is that?

Loved his wee toque...

Plaid scarf...

And blanket stitching all around his red jacket...

Not bad for $3 eh??

He is sitting on top of my hall clock...

You can see him in the staircase photo!

I have tried to start feeding the birds again..

This sweet little guy was having a great know who...interrupted him...

Yes...Red gets inside this feeder...advertised as "squirrel proof"...hahaha!

They have not met my wee Red!

                   Hope you are all having a great day...

             Like I already mentioned...a very nasty day here...indeed!

                       Today I got almost all the presents wrapped...

       I came up with a new wrap to "wrap" them...quite nice I think...will show you later...

                 Hopefully the sun will come out, and I can take a few better pictures...

                             How are your preparations coming along?

                                      Having Christmas at home...or visiting??

                        Must make some shortbread...geeesh...I say that every year!!

                 Boyfriend and Miss V feeling better...I have a sore throat...YIKES!

             Thanks for all your wonderful comments on my previous post...

                     And Welcome! to a few new followers...glad to have you!

          Making crispy pork chops...with some roasted veggies...easy oven dinner!

                    What is cookin' in your kitchen tonight?

                             Enjoy the rest of your day...

                                  Hope the sun shines SOON!!

                                        Cheers!  :o)


  1. I like all your decorations. They really are pretty. The garland and green ornaments on the bannister is gorgeous! You have many very pretty and cute things. It has been cloudy here too and damp and tonight we're waiting for a huge amount of snow to fall. I wonder if it will stay for Christmas. I think I'm all ready but have one more parcel to mail which will be late (as usual!). I hope you get some sunshine. Usually we get more sun in January/February along with lots of snow. I agree that the tree lights etc. certainly help bring some cheer. Have a cozy evening.

    1. Thanks Pam.....almost as cozy as your place!
      More snow? Yikes!

  2. Glad they are feeling better, and what a fun holiday post. Jam packed. Good stuff.

    Happy Christmas.

    1. Hey are you feeling?

    2. My nose and throat are great. No allergies as long as I don't smell melted dairy or eat it but I gotta say, I'm doing darn good. Made three batches of killer dairy-free caramel. Before, I made salted butter double cream caramel. But the new stuff, I don't even miss the dairy.

      Thanks for asking.

      PS: Love, love, love, seeing food on your post.

    3. Good for you!
      Glad you found out what was irritating you.....
      Boogie boogie!

    4. Did you see the bones I baked for the dogs, yet? The first ones are huge.

    5. I have just been over.....
      I think my parents used to make soup out of marrow.....
      Me.....not so much....
      Your dogs are very lucky.....

    6. Yes, beef stock or soup. But you know what?
      I can't stand the smell of the bones and knuckles
      baking, so I haven't done the stock/soup.

      Nopers. Out on the grill in a cast iron. Keeps
      the stink outside, mostly.

  3. Lovely to catch up with everything and to see your beautiful decorations, especially your stairs, they are wonderful!!! Your toes look as though they are all ready for Florida! I was thinking the other day about that and looking forward to seeing your warm and sunny posts! Happy Christmas! xx

    1. Yes...I love the stairs!
      My toes and me are READY for Florida!

  4. Well, you look extremely organised for Christmas ~ love all the decorations.
    Glad b/f and Miss V are better but sorry about your sore throat ~ try gargling in salty water . .
    How is your daughter ~ she was ill as well wasn't she?
    I am amazed RED can get into that feeder ~ very nifty.
    Gosh those platefuls look sinfully delicious . . .
    I had a Christmas dinner tonight and then took a bus load of older people to a to a school where the kids entertained them and they had dinner. Doing something similar tomorrow . . .

    Have a good evening . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie....
      You think I'm organized? Hahaha!
      Thought I was going to tear my hair out today!
      Erika is still not 100%.....throat with glass in it! Yikes!
      Red is indestructible.....I am beginning to really despise him!
      Your day sounds great....good for you!
      Enjoy your evening....

  5. Wonderful photos ! Yes this weather sucks kind of making it hard for me to get into Christmas I need snow for that ! You have been busy and all that Yummy food ! Glad all are feeling better now ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

    1. I know what you mean Elaine....I think it is supposed to snow Christmas Eve!

  6. I love your photos, Linda. They are so festive and cheery! And we need 'cheery' these days, don't we? We don't have sun here either. Where is it?? It's bad enough the days are so short. Thank goodness for the joy of Christmas. Your snowman is adorable! Yes, very Canadian!!

    1. Hi Martha!
      Yes....we definitely need some cheery!
      He is awesome isn't he? So glad I found him!

  7. Such a dull and dreary day here too ... Didn't do much but did get out and fill the feeders. Cute snowman for a great price. Love the green balls on the staircase, used to do mine but gave it up several years ago. Finished all my Christmas crafting, need to find a new project to keep my fingers busy.

    1. Finished everything? WOW! Good for you.....

  8. Blah blah blah with blah blah blah with snow. The Christmas light are on all day (saves tripping over in the gloom).
    Dinner tonight? Tofu bourgignon ,collards and mash.
    Jane x

    1. Never had collards......
      Are they like beet tops?

    2. Bit like savoy cabbage/kale.
      Jane x

    3. Oh.....ok......thanks!
      Do you cook beet tops?
      My Mom used to....quite good!

  9. everything looks lovely, the little stocking is so sweet and I love love love the big green balls, take care of that sore throat!

    1. Looks like the green balls are a definite hit!

  10. I love all your Christmas stuff Linda!
    Really pretty:))

    1. Thanks Gloria....
      I did less this year...and I like it!

  11. uh oh.
    i think . . . yes. i feel a gush coming on.
    i LOVE the green balls going up the stairs. i love decorated stair cases. so perfectly christmasy. just MADE for it!
    and the little hockey santa! and the glimpse of the mantle and the cloudy sky . . . oh my.
    and you have the prettiest little feet. maybe you should have been a foot model. i actually met one once. she made a really good living at it!!!
    that's all that was ever pictured . . . her feet! she was a hoot. lots of fun! as are you.
    maybe people with beautiful feet are fun. LOLOL.

    1. A foot model, eh?
      Is there big money in that profession? Hahaha!
      Luv 'ya Tammy ♥️

  12. Oh my gosh, Linda. You take such beautiful pictures. Although, the food shots are making me hungry. Your son did a wonderful job on the Santa. I love it.

    1. Hi Sandra!
      My son is a very talented guy♥️
      Took animation at University....switched to the movies...and is now a very accomplished web designer.....
      He is a true artist!
      I also love that Santa.....

  13. What lovely Christmassy photos! And nice toesies too.

  14. Hi Linda. A virus in the neighborhood - I think I may have a touch! Spacey, coughy, blah. I'm almost "Christmas finished" and it's good too - Thursday is cook for the shelter day but I have to called my backup person. She picked up my ingredients and will prep and deliver. (We have a smart system, in case someone is sick and should not be cooking for others!) Beautiful weather here, and I probably messed up (being outside for so long yesterday) to get all the wreaths and garlands in place.(uh-oh)
    Love the Santa painting, the bannister (the green balls are gorgeous!), the snowman - what a hat(!). My favorite is still the mirror. You know, Linda, your photos would make lovely Christmas Cards!
    You did get a beautiful shot of the moon!
    Oh goodness, there's nothing like a pedicure!!!
    Lastly - that is some birdfeeder and RED still got in it? Aw - I'm so sorry littl birds. Have a great evening.

    1. Oh dear Dilxie.....I got the boyfriends cold! Blowing and coughing! YIKES!
      So nice of you to volunteer your time....bravo!
      I do make my own cards! Christmas and every occasion!
      It is a real passion of mine....thanks for the compliment!
      Hope you feel better soon....
      Merry Christmas!

  15. Oh what a feast of gorgeous images today. The Christmas ones all win my heart, and the little bird is adorable. Your house must be looking wonderfully festive Linda. xx

    1. Thanks Patricia.....the bird looks cute,eh?
      Right after that shot, Red moved in and emptied all the seed!
      Better get me a sling shot! Hahaha!

  16. you know how much I adore lime green Christmas balls :) I could stare at them for hours, that colour fills people with such energy! Love your staircase! And the banana loaf! Nom nom... I shall be baking a Christmas cake at a friend's site this Monday, so stay tuned :)

    1. Hi Dez....
      I had no idea you adored lime green Christmas balls! Happy to oblige!
      I am quite pleased with the staircase myself...pat on the back to moi! hahaha!
      Waiting with baited breath........

  17. I need more Christmas in my life. More lights, more music, and more sparkle. But first I might have to get rid of a little more than just that toy shelf.
    It's been dark and dreary here too. I've been drinking lemon ginger tea and wondering how to clear out all the junk in my life so that I have room for the important stuff.

    1. Martha....your life is so full of important things...your many many friends♥️
      Oh...and of course...your dearest!
      Come the New Year...clear out the clutter! I have been very hard at work doing that...
      Merry Christmas my friend...

    2. Clutter, yes. That is what needs to go, but it's so much easier to collect than get rid of. Kind of like family. ha ha!
      (No, I'm not wishing my family away. I love them all too, too much.)

    3. Ha!
      I take 3 boxes to charity....and almost always pick up a few things! Can't win!

  18. Gorgeous, festive photos, Linda. Cheered me right up. I CANNOT take another day of this grey. Truly. It feels like 5 p.m. at 10 a.m. Enough already. I have decided I am purchasing a SAD lamp to see if that helps. We'll see. Meantime I will look at your photos. :-)

    1. Tell me about it Suzanne! Another dreary one today.....
      Glad this cheered you up....somewhat!

  19. Love the Santa, Linda. Is it made of wood? It's beautiful and a treasure, for sure. Your home looks gorgeous with all the sparkle and touches of white. I love that. Decking out your staircase is always a fun thing to do. Miss V must be getting so excited. Our little Bradley and Riley are over the moon excited this year. They are the perfect ...age 2 & 4. We'll see them all over Christmas and Boxing day. I'm busy wrapping and cleaning the house today. Jess is coming over later for lunch. I needed a day to relax a bit. Hope you are taking care of yourself, too, during the rush of the holidays. Pretty toes, my dear. :))) Have a great day, Linda. Hugs

    1. Hi Deb.....
      No, it is clay....remember when White Rose used to sell all the clay figures to be painted?
      This was a purchase there....Ryan was only about 11 then, but is a very gifted srtist♥️
      Have a great Christmas Day with all your wee ones...I am positive it will be a wonderful day!

  20. Always fun to check in on your blog, I never know what awaits! Wow, what an amazing post. Hmm...your toes, loaves, decorations and all. We're having one of our bathtubs reglazed today, not a very nice smell in the house, but the tub is beautiful! Take care LSK and enjoy everything.

    1. Hi Miss Hester.....
      My daughter had that tub thingy done, in an apartment she was renting...stinks to high heaven!! and...she thinks the fumes killed her beloved Canary Bill! I woul dove to get the tub at the cottage done...and my farm sink in the kitchen...was it Bathtub King??
      Enjoy your weekend with your son....and kiddies♥️
      What class do you go to on Mondays??

    2. Will e-mail you info. Gosh, glad we don't have a canary! Monday's at 10:10 with Wendy. Enjoy the weekend too...

  21. Dark and dreary? On Vancouver Island? Nahhhhhhhhh!

    I need some shortbread! Will buy some Walker's because I am working all through Christmas and barely have the energy to eat, let alone bake.

    1. Lucky you!
      I bought Turtles....dairy box chocolates ....and Ferea Roche today....can't wait to get fat!

  22. Everything looks beautiful and festive! So nice!

    I have crystal icicles just like yours...they are some of my favorite ornaments!

    1. Yes...the Icicles add a nice sparkle!
      And.....I love sparkle!


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