Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Look Who Arrived ....Just In TIme For Christmas!♥️

 Last week...

I received a small package...

From a lovely gal Deb...

Over at "Just Cats" in my sidebar...

My very own...

Keep inside!


He drove into town in his very own wee Pine Cone car! 

Isn't he just the cutest thing! 

Thanks so much Deb...so thoughtful of you...

You all should visit Deb...I know some of you are already fans of her hilarious tongue-in-cheek postings...always have a smile on my fat face after visiting her blog  :o)

You all may remember him this past summer... 

choosing just the RIGHT  Pinecone....

...to build his car out of!

Here is where he will park...until the tree goes up...admiring the lovely card Deb sent me...

And....here he was just yesterday...

Still feasting on my Halloween Pumpkins....GEESH!

And...still...raiding my feeders...

Whenever I try to put something out for my feathered friends....

           Hope you are all having a great day...

            Finally made it to Fitness today...very rusty!!

              And had a nice cup of coffee...and some chit chat!


                   And actually did a wee bit of decorating...just a bit!

                      Slowly......but surely....

                              Less is more....okay dokey!!

              Dinner will be baked crispy crunchy pork chops...

                      Roasted taters,red peppers, and onions...

                            Fresh green beans...and a Greek Salad to start...

                                      I am hungry!!

                           Think I'll make the salad early!!

          Whats going on in your kitchen tonight???

              How is the decorating coming?

                  What is happening weather-wise???   

            the nothing here again today....and darn windy and cold......brrrrr! 

                 Oooops...just looked out the window...it is snowing!!

                               Enjoy your evening...

                                   Cheers!   :o)


  1. Yay, I'm happy to have the first posting today. That new little wooden "Red" is the cutest. I love the way you also put up photos of the real "Red!" So nice to see you today. Glad that you shared coffee time also. Later, it was very challenging to find a parking space at Yorkdale Mall, where I met a former teaching colleague of mine. Your dinner sounds yummy. I defrosted some stew and I'll make some grilled tomatoes too. Have a nice evening and rest those muscles. :)

    1. Hi Hester!
      Oh...I always see on the news about the darn parking out there!
      Haven't been there for over 40 years.....yikes!
      Ha! Rest? I did some decorating and have started a Minnie Mouse hat for Miss V!
      See you tomorrow.......*groan*

  2. Hey Linda...just loving this post today. I don't remember the photo of Red with the pine-cone so that made me laugh. I'm so glad you will enjoy the little Red in his spitfire. I look forward to seeing him on your tree. I was at the property again today and darn near froze. But...I managed to feed the birds again so they are good for a few days. I have a Red, too and after today I see there are more of those bandits out there stealing from the feeders. Garage doors are in and the hydro is on so now we just have to finish upstairs. This is becoming a bit of a snooze. Hope it doesn't take much longer. We WILL be moving in the dead of winter. *eyes rolling here* Dinner sounds amazing. It's samosas, rice and veggies here tonight. Stay cozy, Deb

    1. Will get a shot of him on the tree for sure!
      Love the wee guy....thanks again Deb!
      Before you know it.....you wil be moved in! And raiding a glass of cheer!
      Enjoy your evening.....

  3. That is so cute! I love it. A very good likeness of your little 'friend'. All my 'news' is in my post this afternoon. :) Come on over. Have a nice evening. xx Pam

    1. Ha! I know!
      I will be over shortly.....

  4. I love Red! And this is really cute:)

    1. Yes it is Gloria.....and very thoughtful too♥️

  5. My decorating is going very slow. So slow that I haven't even started.
    However, I did take a gander about the craft stores today and found myself wishing I'd kept those skinny miniature trees I put in the garage sale this summer... I decided that maybe I'll get Mom's nativity set out tomorrow and remember how much fun I always had unwrapping the pieces when I was a little girl.
    And then, maybe I'll send Hannah and Sergio to get a tree this weekend.

    1. PS I love your inside Red! Did your friend make him?
      I bought a bag of peanuts today for a few of my very own fur friends, and some birdseed too, of course.

    2. I hate when that happens! If in doubt.....KEEP IT! Hahaha!
      The Nativity scene would be nice....do that for sure!
      Red is a hoot,eh? No....Deb didn't make him.....saw him and thought of me♥️ How sweet!
      Get some pictures of your furry and feathered friends!

  6. That is the cutest squirrel in a pine cone car I have ever seen! I want one! I am going to visit Deb's page!

    1. Be nice to Deb, Devon♥️
      Missed you as an instructor today.....BIG TIME! You, my dear....are THE best!

  7. Oh I love your new RED. How adorable. I will check out her blog.

    Well my splashes of red are in place, the candles lit, finish off the potato soup for lunch, and made cranberry pecan scones. Tonight. crusted fish and a big green salad. (back to counting a few calories now that I'm not swimming. Still going up and down the stairs several times a day.

    1. You will like her blog Wanda....and....she is a Canadian girl!
      I sent her to Betsy's a while back....as they both feed the feral cats....she is a regular there now....
      A really nice gal....
      I want some cranberry pecan scones....love fish!

  8. Very nice of Deb to send you that ~ the likeness is fantastic but he does have this sort of wooden look, a bit like me in this cooooold weather . . . lol
    He looks very proud of his new car, just like you with your's . . . .
    Have a great evening . . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie....
      Is it still cold over there?
      It must be odd, as I always thought Great Britain have mild winters....
      Yes....he does love his car.....just like me♥️
      Enjoy your evening....

    2. It is cold but it's nowhere near as cold as Canada ~ but I am not a reptile . . . . lol . . . I have warm blood in me and right now I need to be on the equator . . . . lol

    3. All righty then.....off you go! Hahaha!

    4. lol . . . I 'winge' about the cold every year . . . and usually wake up fully in March/April . . . . hahaha

    5. I hear 'ya.....not even officially Winter yet!
      Come on Eddie.....suck it up! Hahaha!

  9. how adorable are they BOTH!!! the live red and the live-in red! XOXO♥
    and the new header? GORGEOUS!

    1. Yes indeedy.....surrounded by Reds! Hahaha!
      You like the header?
      We are having some snow this evening....perhaps an early shot of the snow, for a new December header....we'll see.......
      Enjoy your evening.....

  10. I can hardly tell the difference between the Reds!
    Jane x

  11. Isn't that the cutest! His face is so sweet! And I love his pineconemobile! haha...

    The real Red is getting FAT! ha.

    1. How nice of Deb to think of me....
      He has eaten 3 pumpkins.....no wonder! Hahaha!

  12. Awww - is that not the cutest? How nice of Deb. I love Red - I know he's a pain in your pinecone - ha! - but I love him. And wow, he really is feasting on those pumpkins. He will have a nice, cosy layer on him to fight the cold.

    1. I just wish he would leave the birdseed for the birds!
      I have an old platform feeder near the back, which I always put something for him...but he is insatiable!
      There are probably a dozen or so of them...but...they all look alike!
      Oh well....live and let live, eh Suzanne?

  13. Red is cute - so very nice of your friend. Have a lovely day.

  14. Aw, how cute is that Linda. I can see that Christmas is fun at your house! xx

    1. Mostly fun...but a lot of work, eh Patricia??

  15. He is too cute!! What a lovely present to receive and a great reminder of red and his pinecone habit! xx

  16. uber cute, but those lil' snowmen are even cuter :)
    Not much cooking, just made some filo pastry shroom and onion pie for lunch (it turns out a lot in quantity so I have it for a few days :)

  17. HI Dez....
    Those are salt and pepper shakers....cute,eh?
    ENjoy your day.....

    1. Dezzy loves shakers. Did you know that, Linda?

      Hey, Dezzzz....... :p

    2. I do now!
      Thanks Blue.....


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