Friday, 18 April 2014

BIts & Bobs From My Week.......

The Turkey is resting...
All crispy and golden...under foil and towels...
To keep it warm 'til Dinner...
Veggies are all in their prospective vessels...
Ready to boil or roast...
Apple Strawberry Blueberry Raspberry Blackberry pie...
Is baked and at the ready...

Just waiting for my favorite guests to arrive...

Thought I would share a few pics from my week...

1. Junco scrounging for seeds...I thought they were just a Winter bird here?
2. Male Sparrow...
3. Bought myself a new Violet...
4. Also...a Peachy Begonia
5. The Finches are plentiful...
6. Made my first Easter Tree...inspired by Deb at "just Cats"..hers is my sidebar
7. Guess who else loves my bananna/berry cake with fruit and yogurt?
8. Nuthatch....Mr Busy...very hard to photograph...
9. Not Red...but looks suspiciously related!
10. Sunset thru the White Pines...
11. SO...I bought some Butter Tarts...only ate 1...honest! aren't they magnificent?
12. HONESTLY....I only ate one!!
13. And the best little peek ever...I got this ready just in time for Easter...
      For my favorite wee gal...will show you more very soon!


So...that's my week in a nutshell...
     Hope your day is going as planned...
        And your family meal is enjoyed by all...
           Whether it be today...tomorrow...or the next day...
                Whether it be Ham, Turkey, Lamb or a lovely roasted veggie feast!

           There is nothing more important than Family time...
                Savour these days....hug everyone...kisses all around...
                    I plan to have a wonderful day...
                      So is going right on schedule...
                         Even got my planter done...with a few Pussywillows...
                            And a few Easter eggs dangling!

                  Life is wonderful......ENJOY!!!!


                              Cheers!   :o)


  1. Easter blessings to you and yours, Linda ... He is Risen!

  2. Have a wonderful family dinner Mrs. K!

    1. Hi Debbie.....Hope you have a great day too!!!
      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Just delightful....scrolling up and down to take in every detail. I can smell the turkey...better check to see if a leg is missing.. HaHa.
    Have a most joyful Easter Weekend. Sending love, hugs, and smiles..

  4. Great photos, Linda. Love all your bird shots. Nice to know your dining-room is filled with family today. Love your Easter Tree and now you can add to it every year; maybe even knit a few. Can't wait to see little V with her hand-made gift. Enjoy your evening. Hugs, Deb

    1. I did copy you Deb....I liked it!
      She loved the Bear....plopped her right into her doll stroller, and off she went!

  5. I should try a "bits and bobs" post. (Ooo! Almost wrote "boobs" there by mistake... Gotta be careful!)
    The daffodils are starting to bloom and it's time to get out my other bird feeders.
    Love your little lady! Is she always adorable?

  6. dinner sounds delightful! And those butter tarts? oh yum~! Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Don't you just LOVE butter tarts?

  7. Sounds great ! Lovely photos . Have a wonderful and Happy Easter weekend to you and your family !

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks Debra.....we really did!

  9. The blue critter with the pink ribbon is going to be well loved I think. We're doing dinner today at supper time. Have a wonderful Easter! Hugs. Pam

    1. It is a Teddy Bear...and she loved it!
      So soft and cuddly.......

  10. I can "hear" the Easter family excitement in your post Linda. It's so wonderful that you are going to be surrounded by love:)

    Your snaps are showing signs of Spring in your neck of the woods. Yipee!!! Thanks so much for sharing, Linda...Wishing You and Yours a Happy and Joyous Easter!!!

    1. It was very noisy and fun!
      Everybody loves Miss V!
      Hope you also had a nice weekend ~~Louise~~

  11. I'm sure your enjoyed your dinner with your family. Ours in on Sunday .. a variety of foods to please the meat lovers and vegetarians. It is a lovely day. Did you get off to the cottage?

    1. Went to the cottage yesterday...slept over !
      More on that tomorrow......
      Hope you had fun with your grandkids.....

  12. Happy Easter Linda. I'm sure you will enjoy your time with family and that your turkey will be fabulous! Mine is going in the oven very soon.


  13. What a lovely week you've had. Miss V is going to love Easter this year! Have a wonderful time with your family.

    1. Thanks! Hope you and your cute family had fun.....

  14. What a beautiful selection of photographs.
    The finches are highly conspicuous - much more so than anything we have in UK.
    I expect a fair few are lost to predators.
    Great shot of the squirel.

    Wishing you a very Happy Easter

    1. Thanks Eddie...the finches are sweet,eh?
      The squirrel.......not so much! Hahaha!
      Happy Easter to you......

  15. Have a wonderfully Happy Easter Linda! Lovely photos as always!

  16. I love when blogging pals do a week in photos, you have an amazing week
    , are you sure you only had one butter tart, lol,!!!!!!

    1. 1!

  17. Thanks everyone...
    Hope you all have a Happy Easter....

  18. Wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing. Wish you could share one of those Butter Tarts...

    1. Hi Barbara....there are 4 in the freezer...they defrost very quickly...maybe I'll have one! Hahaha!


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