Monday, 21 April 2014

The Icebergs Have Floated Away....

     Finally a more Summer-like view....well...except of course for all the raking that still needs to   be least the Icebergs have floated much better!!

The new flag is up....Welcome another cottage season!!

It was a glorious Saturday afternoon....North wind, so perfect for a lakeside bonfire...and a few refreshments!
Of course...this was after the big clean-up featured below!
this was my biggest job that I got done...cut 2 of the big Miscanthus...rake all the leaves out...get them down to the bonfire...YAY!!!
Still lots of raking to be done...but...with this warm weather, perhaps a few blooms soon!


We also enjoyed another bonfire with our neighbours...

Then retired inside...for a lovely Rib dinner...

And a cosy sit by the fire inside!

I have not mentioned the one problem we have...

The water would not start...seems we have a leaky pipe in the basement...a plumber will be required...
BUT.... we did spend the night...toasty and warm in our bed...
But no water....YET!
Hopefully real soon....... 

And a kooky picture of me and my boyfriend!
DO we look SLEEPY or what???
Well.......WE WERE!!!!


            Hoping you all had a great Easter weekend!

               Always over too darn fast...

                  Time to put the Easter decorations to rest for another year!

                        Enjoy the rest of your day...

                                    Cheers!  :o)


  1. Looks like you and your man are having a nice spring.

    1. Yes Ivy....I guess we are! Thanks!

  2. Oh what a joy and blessing to have a cottage right on the water. We have friends that own a cabin right on the beach at Lake Tahoe. (In fact that's my new header) and your pictures remind me so much of the times we spent there. They graciously gift us two weeks each year there between their rental seasons.
    Love your "feet" pics....your pretty toes, and your comfy slippers.
    BTW ~ I posted my "rock" succulent today, I was telling you about.
    Love and Hugs for a wonderful week.


    1. Oh lucky you Wanda! 2 weeks at the Lake.....awesome!
      Will be right over to see that!

  3. I'm so glad you had perfect sleepover weather at the cottage. It looks so beautiful there and the water and sky so blue. Sorry about the water issues. Rather inconvenient. Have a great week ahead, Linda!

    1. too Pam....but at least it was warm enough for a sleepover...
      Have a great week.....

  4. FINALLY! spring for you!
    so happy.
    wonderful 'pre season' pictures of your beloved cottage. xo

    1. too, Tammy.....
      How was your weekend?

  5. Ah, you have reminded me we need a new Canadian flag. Ours is faded and getting to the point of being disgraceful.

    LOVE that SPRING has finally arrived in your part of the world!

  6. I hope you can get the water fixed soon. I'm so glad the ice is going away and you got to have a nice, springy weekend.

    1. Already called the plumber....hopefully he will get there ASAP!

  7. You had a lovely day at the cottage. Hope the water issue is fixed soon.

    The weekend weather has been wonderful, lots of time out side, playing with the grandkids, lots of photos in texts from out west, lots of work in the garden, relaxing in the gazebo, playing in the dirt, and more. I'm sure we will sleep well tonight :)

    1. Looks like you kept yourself very busy.....good for you!
      Your garden will be blooming before you know it!

  8. Oh, how hard we work in the name of relaxation!
    Jane x

    1. So true, Jane.....but so worth it!

  9. That's quite a toe I see there in that picture, Linda! I trust it's yors and not your boyfriend's ;) Well, you never know, now that the iceberg's on its way to Iceberg City. Easter Sunday was great. Very relaxing too. It wasn't about food. It was about socializing and getting up to speed a bit. People I hadn't seen in a while seemed to be doing just fine.

    Happy Post Easter Sunday Monday!

    1. are so crazy did you know?
      He has a thing about his toes.............
      Glad you had a great Easter Sunday....

    2. How did I know? I asked Dezzy's army of penguins to keep me informed, is how. Well, that toe is a force to be reckoned with.

    3. You got that right, Blue!

  10. Replies
    1. Tell me about it!
      But....better late than never, eh Jessica?

  11. Love the photos, as usual.

    I was amazed and thought you were joking when I saw the title "The ice bergs have floated away!"
    I thought either you were talking figuratively or you were talking about Iceberg lettuces LOL.
    I must be dreadfully cold there, still! I would definately be in hibernation.

    Your toe nails are in much better condition than mine!! lol
    But seriously the ;landscape is beautiful and must compensate for the cold and that fire looks most inviting even with the dragon there.
    Have a good week.

    1. If you have read the posts of the cottage in the last month or so, you would understand Eddie....
      There are 5 Great Lakes in North America....this year they all froze....hadn't done that for over 30 takes time for them to thaw out...ours is Lake Erie, the smallest Lake, so perhaps "more" frozen than the bigger is that for a free geography lesson? Hahaha!
      If you hang around will see my toes VERY often!
      The fire screen, is a horse and,eh?
      You have a good week as well Eddie....glad you are getting to know my stomping grounds!♥️

    2. Interesting - thanks for the Geography lesson - I did not know you when you posted on the cottage but will wander over. I knew from school in 1066 about the five lakes in Canada and Lake Erie. Fancy the lakes freezing for the first time in 30 years - and we are talking about Global Warming!!
      I shall refrain from showing you my toes!! LOL
      Fire screen is superb! That's a typical Brit word!! . . . . meaning of course cool.
      You were quite right in a previous remark about our weather being very wet. In the North of England is a beautiful area called The Lake District with many lakes and mountains. It is always a lush green colour, It rains so much that many call it The Leak District.

    3. You went to school in 1066.....I went in 1070!
      The Great Lakes are also part of the US....some of the US states are further north than some Canadian cities....but they would never admit it!
      Feel free to browse thru my posts.....

    4. 1070 - You look much older than that!! . . . . . except for the tow nails of course! ROFL
      I like the piccie of you on your side bar with the caption, "Me ...."

      Thanks - I'll have a nosey round - just about to pack some sandwhiches and a thermoflask of coffee for the trip
      And now I see what the fire screen is about. Yes, I see the horse and rider (in deep shadow) now and not a dragon! lol. You must think I require the services of SpecSavers! Yes a 'cool' fireguard (as we say). Wasn't the old word for cool, 'swell'?

  12. Yeah! No icebergs on your lake means it can make my lake warmer!
    Love the cottage pictures! It certainly was a beautiful weekend.

    1. Yay is right, THE WATER! Hahaha!
      It was a beautiful weekend♥️

  13. Yes, the lake is looking a little warmer! Glad you finally got to spend the night!

  14. Yup, that's definitely more like it. Let the spring fun begin!

  15. It sure is looking good at the cottage. You must be getting excited. Glad you had a great Easter. Ours was lots of fun and now I'm pooped. :)

  16. We were pooped at the cottage!


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