Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Just Wondering.....

         First and foremost...

      Thanks for all your lovely comments on my previous post♥️

      Much appreciated!

      And...I see I have a few more followers!

      There has been an explosion lately!

                                 Welcome Everyone!


      Now...the reason I called you all here today...

      Besides to admire another of my garden Begonias...

      Who  has spent the Winter inside...

      And...who by the looks of her....LOVES it!

      Ok...onto the business at hand...

      I was just wondering...

      When you find a new blog...how did you find it?

      Did you find it in another blogs sidebar?

      Did you always notice their comments on a favorite blog...

      And think she/he might be a blog you would like to visit?

      Then.....when you get there...and you like it...and you leave a comment...

     Do you say where you came from to get there?

     Do you ever wonder how people find YOUR blog?

     Is there a set rule of etiquette for this?

     I want to know!!!

     What I do...is...mention the blog that I came from...

     And I usually either go because of their comment or see their title in the     

     I would love to know what your practice is...

     Please let me know...I find this fascinating...

     I started with 2 readers...both friends...and unbelievably...

     I now have 81 followers!!!

    Oh...the other thing...

    Sometimes people just join, but never leave a comment...

    What are your thoughts on that???

    I don't really see the point...I would never do that...

   Why sign up to follow...never leave a comment...and never come back?

   These are burning issues...I value your opinions!

   Don't think I'm crazy...perhaps you have always wondered the same...

   I look forward for your flood of comments on the topic!!!


     I have been watching the tiny Kalanchoe for WEEKS!!!

     Just about ready to bust open...just in time for Easter!!!


            Hope you are all having a great day...

                Sunny here....with a nasty wind...but SUNNY!!!!

                      We did not get all the rain predicted...bet the cottage did!!!

             On the menu this Tuesday...

                 Fried Ham, Scrambled Eggs,Home fries...

                      Breakfast for dinner!!!

                               Cheers!   :o)


  1. I can't remember how I found you Linda, but I am glad that I did and I always like to comment here, I don't always comment on all of the blogs that I read, but I do always leave you a message! Love ya! xx

  2. Hi Linda - first off, I think we got all your rain. It has rained steady since yesterday. blah! BUT...the snow is almost all gone. Yah! What I usually do is notice comments on blogs I follow and something, I'm not sure what, draws me to their blog. So, I check it out and most times I don't follow but sometimes something really captivates me. I want to see more of this blog and I follow along. I always say "Hello" and tell them where I am from. I think it's the proper way to follow someone. I know I like it if I get to 'meet' the new follower by looking at their blog. If someone has 'followed you' and not left a comment it doesn't mean they didn't come back to read another post. It just means they are 'quietly' following along and not wanting to comment. That's happens a lot. I found your blog by reading your comments to someone (now, who the heck was that?) right now I can't think of the blog, but I do remember finding you 'witty' and was hooked.Then when I popped over I saw that we had lots in common and loved your photographs so I followed along. It's a funny thing, this blogging, but I really do enjoy it. I would miss it if it all evaporated. Love your photos today and the colour...oh my goodness. Hugs, Deb

  3. A UK blog friend asks that even if people don't comment,they leave IRYPT (I read your post today) in the comment box. Then she knows that people are reading if not commenting.
    Jane x

  4. beautiful blooms!! I usually find new blogs by others comments, and the name of their blog has to catch my eye but the content is whats important for me, I read all manner of blo gs, just because I paint does not mean I just read art blogs, I know a lot of my followers have to come to me fro reading a comment i have left on someone else's blog, they have told me this, when its all said and done I would rather have 20 really good blog friends that I communicate with regularly than 2000 that I never see again, I am a faithful friend, lol

  5. Hello sweet girlfriend! I missed you darling post with Miss V yesterday, as I was so exhausted that I went to bed without doing any blog reading, as usually do. She is precious in in her darling ear warmer! I see some of that dirty snow on the sides, but isn't it so nice to see grass again?
    In answer to your question regarding todays post, I do it all sorts of ways. I see them from others comments, and I see them on blog parties, and I see them in magazines, and on my favorite bloggers side bars...But if I like a blog, I always comment. I do not however, always say how I found them. If it was in a link from a blogger I read regularly, then yes, I mention that.
    As for me, I don't care how you found me. And I don't even care if they don't comment. I am just happy I have a reader or two. And if I didn't, I would probably still blog! But it is interesting!
    Have a great day!!
    xo Kris

  6. I find new blogs/sites in various ways. I have a list of Canadian sites and very often get the owners contact me, and that way I find new Canadian blogs. I belong to various memes and find blogs with similar interests that way. I do check blogrolls at my favourite blogs because I figure if I like them they will like similar sites to me. I love it when visitors comments, and yes, even a simple hi lets me know they were there. I also have a plugin that shows me who visits and from where and very often I check them out that way. I gave in several months ago and set up a Facebook page for my site, and from there I get various visitors as well. However there are so many blogs/sites and not enough time to visit them all. If I add a site to my blogroll and they haven't updated in ages I will remove them and add another.

  7. Hello Linda! I find new blogs through other blogs and the comments people leave behind in particular. People who don't visit others or who don't reply... well, I'm not interested in them. I want to talk, not be a number.

    P.S. I love the eighties. I was talking about those remakes. I can't stand them. Don't touch our classics.
    I'm so misunderstood :(((( Even Dezzy misread my comment.... Excuse me while I go dive into a ditch.

  8. I guess I could almost answer "all of the above" Linda. LOL Not much different from the other commenters. One thing that bothers me is bloggers who 'reel you in' by leaving comments several times, you follow them because you like them and you comment often, but you rarely or never hear from them again. But, I still keep visiting and commenting because I like what they share. Have a nice evening, what's left of it. :)

  9. I started out blogging with people I knew eight years ago and was kind of freaked out the first time a stranger left a comment. (Obviously, I've gotten over that.)

    1. Lots of times I find new friends when they leave comments on my blog. I haven't gone "looking" for new friends in a while and many of my early blog friends don't keep a blog anymore. Now they are friends on Facebook instead, but blogging is the real reason we know each other. I miss Tracy, T., GMJ, Kim, my friend Shelly, and even my sisters. I wish they were still blogging, but I am thankful for my new friends too and love catching up with them in person. My daughter actually stayed overnight with Wanda out in California a couple years ago.

  10. I usually find other blogs through the comments. If the comment is interesting or funny or weird I will check them out.

    Now I am trying to remember how we found each other.

  11. Speaking about beauties I let a comment to miss V too aah she is adorable.
    And these flowers are amazing!

  12. LOLOL.
    as you know. i'm trying these days to SHUT UP!
    and you're asking about my commenting?
    oh ccgirl. :D
    i don't remember how i found you. but i'm so glad glad glad i did.
    i get hooked by others comments and by their friends on the sidebars...
    and mainly if they interest me in some way.
    it doesn't hurt either if they have beautiful grandchildren and gorgeous flowers! LOL.
    XO♥ oh. yes.
    and are superb chefs and excellent photographers and ... is that enough?
    or do i have to embarrass you further! LOL.

  13. Thanks everyone!
    Wasn't really looking for compliments...♥️♥️
    Was just wondering....

  14. Hi Linda, I usually see an interesting comment on a favourite blog or a title on the sidebar and hop over but I never say how I found my way there, never thought of doing that. Occasionally I click the "next blog" button at the top but don't often find much of interest. I try to follow the ones I enjoy but sometimes I'm reading on my mobile phone (when waiting for a child to finish an activity) and find it hard to press the right buttons!
    When I started blogging I never expected "followers" it's been such a great bonus I feel like I've got so many new and often like minded friends!

  15. I found you though another blog although I can't remember which one and the name of it was what got me to join your site. I just don't like blogs where I have to read a bunch of stuff and yours has just the right amount for me. Thank you, Lynn

    1. Hi Lynn....I don't know you! Are you a followers?
      Thanks for your comment!

  16. I like what Jane and Chris said I think I will start doing that.

  17. I usually discover blogs by visiting the blogs of people who have left comments on one of my posts. Sometimes I discover blogs by visiting a blog of someone who has left a fun or interesting comment on a blog I visit. And I also visit blogs of people who have become followers of mine. I don't mind if people don't comment on my blog, but it's nice if they do. How else will I be able to find their blog if they don't come forward. And it's always fun to meet new people from different areas of the world.

  18. I usually find new blogs to follow by looking at the side bar of blogs I read to see if I might be interested in adding new ones to my list. I was intrigued by the name of your blog which I found cute. I liked that you have a grand daughter the same age as mine. Also I enjoy the nice pictures you post.
    Since I don't have a blog I always send an e-mail initially to let the blogger know that I am a new follower. I will often comment. I'm not sure why someone would follow and never comment....that doesn't make any sense to me either.


  19. I find new blogs through the "next blog" button on the top of the page, if someone leaves a comment or starts following me I will check them out, and from comments left on other blogs I am following. You can usually tell a lot about the person from the comments they leave. The way I found you was from comments you left on another blog I was following. I hopped over to see your blog and really liked it. There are some blogs where I am a "silent follower". I just don't have anything to say. On others, I talk a lot. Either way, i enjoy reading them or I wouldn't be a follower.


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