Monday, 14 April 2014

Kudos To The Kalanchoe....Remember This Wee Guy??

         I have shown you this guy before...
         I have waited for a few weeks...
         And lo and behold...
         He showed me his true colors...
         What a beautiful deep rose colour he is...
                              Well worth the wait!

         And then....I spied another guy...bloomin' in the other room...
        He is from Thanksgiving...a trio of Kalanchoe in one pot...
        This lovely orange one has started to re-bloom...
        Patience pays off...especially with Kalanchoe...
        They will bloom...if you wait!

        Hope you all had a great weekend...
        Crazy weather eh???
        Today is dark,damp,humid,windy and has just started to rain...
        The wind gusts are unbelievable...20*c...dropping to 0*c overnite!!!
                      And...guess what...SNOW for tomorrow!
                               Hold on Spring...  

                   We are still waiting for you...we are being patient!!


             On the menu this windy muggy Monday...

                   Seared Tuna steaks...with a balsamic glaze...
                               asparagus...fries...Tomato salad..
                           (can never get too many tomatoes,eh?)

                Enjoy the rest of your day...
                    Getting my table ready for Friday dinner...  
                       Turkey and all the fixins'...
                          All my kiddies♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

                               Cheers!   :o)


  1. WOW!
    came to the blog... and BAM! like a gorgeous burst of sunshine is your new header!
    and now...
    reading about the meals... oh my.
    i'm hungry. and mine won't be nearly as inspired or delicious. LOL.

    1. Hi Tammy....
      I am sure your meals are just perfect for you♥️
      Glad you like the new header......

  2. You have a great green thumb, Linda! That pink is really brilliant and the orange one is pretty too. I accidentally picked off a whole 'branch' of mine while pinching the dead blooms! UGH. It's still blooming but not looking the best. I think I need to put it in a bigger pot as it dries out too fast in the kitchen window. Do you think it's too bright for it there? I heard about the big temperature drop there for tonight. Crazy! We have rain in the forecast the next 2 days and it's been foggy/cloudy all day today. It's still April. :)


    1. You should let the buds really dry out, before you try and take them off...
      They should almost fall off by themselves...
      Relax...water it more are in charge Pam!

  3. My little kalanchoe has a bud on it! Very windy here today, too! Snow in the morning! But things are greening up!

    1. YAY!
      Very windy here too....and wet...oh well...

  4. Lots of colour here today. Love those little plants; they really do keep on giving just like my shamrock. I trimmed back my violets and now they are all budding again. Today I picked up a little yellow flowering plant and not sure what it is, I think it's an azalea. I know you can tell me. While I type this the wind is now blowing hard with rain hitting the office window. Unbelievable from this morning. So Friday you do the big dinner. Ours won't be until Monday since my daughter works at the retirement home all weekend. I'll be having 11 for dinner in my little dining-room. A tight squeeze for sure but lots of fun, too. I know you'll enjoy having the gang home. Mmmm - dinner sounds delish tonight. I'll be right over. :) Hugs, Deb

    1. I came over and looked....that is a Primula...keep it alive, and plant in the garden!
      The more the merrier, eh Deb? 8 for us here...perfect!
      We love Tuna...hoping it is good......

  5. Oy, more snow? I hope it isn't much. I thought of you this morning at Walmart...for a good reason! I saw a table full of kalanchoes for sale. :)

    1. Yup.....probably won't stick around....
      A whole tableful? AWESOME! Did you buy one?

  6. I hope that the snow doesn't come!! I seem to make sure that I keep a kalanchoe on the go now since I met you Linda and it always makes me smile and think of you when I see it. I expect that I have told you that before, but there you go! It is a story that I hope bears repeating! I'm not very good at keeping them alive for long, but my current one has been going for months now so I think that I am getting better! You must be sending some sort of houseplant vibes to me as I don't do well with them normally! Stay warm if the white stuff does arrive! xx

    1. It will...but probably just a skiff!
      I love that you associate me with the Kalanchoe....such a hard working, long lasting, beautiful little plant...thanks Amy♥️

  7. Beautiful photos of the plant! Your dinner sounds good. I don't eat fish but I would be glad to have the rest of it.

    1. Thanks fish? Are you a vegetarian?

  8. Your kalanchoe are so cute. How nice that they surprise you with new little bloom since it's so gold outside. This has been a good Monday. You menu sounds wonderful, and I appreciate your tip about the pork chops... I bought the thin ones, but will go thicker next time. Have some chicken thighs in the crock pot with lots of seasoning and rosemary. And got a new recipe for Brussels sprouts...with a sauce of butter, bread crumbs and hard boiled egg chopped really fine, over the cooked sprouts. We'll see. Hope you get soon Spring weather soon.

    1. That sounds very interesting...never heard of that combo let me know how it turns out!
      Oh the weather will be fine....April is always up and down....

  9. Yup this weather is out of whack I say lol ! Lovely plants pretty colours ! Supper sounds YUMMY ! Thanks for sharing . have a good evening !

    1. Hi Elaine.....wonder if the lake has thawed yet?

  10. Psycho weather! UP down UP down...snow rain sun warm can experience all four seasons in one day!

    Your kalanchoe are beautiful. Such pretty little plants.

    1. Ha ha ha! All in one day! Good one Martha!

  11. Hi there! I love them too! I have one that was given to me last year on my birthday, and it is blooming again now. So pretty!
    I missed your previous post with handsome Mr. Woody. Love them!
    More snow! Ugh! It was 94 here today! What a difference in our weather! Turkey dinner on Friday! Woo hoo. What is the occasion?
    xo Kris

  12. Kris.....Easter!
    I do Friday, then everybody has their weekend to do what they want....
    Love kalanchoes !

  13. There isn't a Kalanchos to be found around here but the way you keep popping up with these little surprising and cheerful flowers, I may just need to get me one, or two. Maybe two so I can have a he and a she, lol...

    How wonderful to be having the whole family over on Friday. It will be quiet around here but that's okay, I need to save my energy for Idaho in May!

    It was soooo windy here all day and then it poured and the wind stopped. I was outside all day preparing the plants that are coming up for the cold snap. Fingers crossed, again! Thanks for sharing, Linda...Dinner sounds perfect:)

    1. They are also excellent out door plants...once the weather co-operates!
      This morning is like a winter wonderland....really Mother Nature?


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