Friday, 6 April 2012

Just because...It's Good Friday..

Just looking through my photos from the last couple of days...and decided that these shots MUST be shared with my bloggy friends.

Who doesn't drool at the sight of such beautiful flowers? I am a sucker for the whole thing.
Among a LOT of other things!!!  :o)

These Tulips really were a fabulous surprise, when they opened up and had all that sumptuous yellow and orange striping....also take note of the variegated leaves....truly a work of art... 

Hasn't this SPRING just been so glorious, so far this year....who could ask for anything better...

Heading to the Cottage for a few days...anxious to see if there has been any rain down there...will be back with lots of pictures to share...You can BET on that!!!!

never too many pictures...  :o)


I thought that these White tulips really looked fantastic in my living room...all white, with little hits of green....if you look closely, the tips of the tulips actually have a hint of mauve...all of the other plants echo the green..with hints of dark from the side tables...I find this room very Soothing....I love to sit in here with a cup of tea, and just take everything in..aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

As I have shown in previous posts, my Christmas Cactus have really outdone themselves this past Fall and Winter... this is the HOT  coral one....fabulous...this shot is probably the last of them for this season...who knows...maybe more blooms in the summer...I will definitely keep you posted...tee hee hee

Are there any words that I have not  used to show my love for the dear little African Violet....ever blooming....fragile....dainty....lovely....fluffy...delicate....furry....   :o)

Love the variation in the flower...the tips with their pale purple...soft white...and the big finale in the purple center...with the soft yellow stamen.... :o)

And another of my having a nice, HOT cup of tea with a friend....sharing stories...over a warm bowl of homemade Apple Crisp and vanilla yogurt....yummy...

Just between you and me....I also drizzled some maple syrup over the crisp.....MY secret ingredient....what DOESN'T taste better with maple syrup????

Hope you have some nice friends to have tea with...

I do.........and I am grateful for that......

Cheers!                    :o) 


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  2. I deleted my other comment because I made a spelling error, sheesh!
    That glorious orange and yellow tulip is truly spectacular! Love the livingroom and white tulip shot. So tranquil and serene!
    I really wanted another helping of that delish apple crisp, but resisted the urge to ask! Yummy! Cooking; another one of your talents!

  3. Such pretty stripes on the tulips and your apple crisp looks delish! Is there a recipe on-line? Have a great Easter weekend at the cottage!

    Sandy xox

  4. Those first tulips have gorgeous colourings on them. Yes, I love tea and a chat and have a very special friend coming over tomorrow morning for an hour or so.

  5. Linda:
    Loved your post on the flowers around your home. Those white tulips with the surprise centers . . .wow, what a surprise that must have been. Love your living room too! Love grey, white and bits of green . . .so perfect!Thanks so much for stopping by. Such a pleasure to find your blog. Love it. . . .joined you today!
    Mary Anne ox

  6. Those tulips look unreal,... like a botanical painting by a master artist, who thought that nature could be so amazing... artful !


    I am also very impressed with your stylish interior styling, how relaxing... the neutral shades really appeal to me.. Very classy Linda.. WoW

  7. thanks Lisa...very kind of you...


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