Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Just For Me...Just Because....

On our way to the cottage last week, we stopped at the grocery store in Vineland to pick up a
few things. It is really a great little store....used to be an IGA, then they changed it to 
 FOODLAND...same footprint, only better. They always have great little tropical plants, herbs, succulents, gerberas, and my VERY favorite... [which you should all know by now] the African Violet. So....I treated myself to 3....white, deep royal blue, and a deep pink and white ruffly one. I always buy new Violets for the cottage every year..... and at $1.99 each....I couldn't resist....I put them in one dish, on the table in front of the big window. At least there, I know they will get plenty of sun, for the time being. They will eventually move out to the sun porch....if the weather ever warms up again....Now that the weather has turned chilly, I hope it isn't too cold for them. They DO NOT like the cold.....

Hopefully, next time I go.........they will still be bloomin' beautiful....  Have a great day!!!

                                       Cheers!                                 :o)


  1. I share your love of the violets, I bought Paul's mum one a good few years ago now and each time we visit it greets us in the porch entrance. They look so delicate and compact.
    Lovely pictures.

  2. I love African Violets as well. They are so small but colourful and soft. I liked your frilly one!


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