Monday, 2 April 2012

"Rhipsalidopsis"...AKA Spring Cactus


Here they are closing up at sweet...

Are you in love yet???

Even my little chick agrees....

To my gal-pals...Leslie and Devon...RUN...don't the
Greenhouse, and grab one of these for yourselves...are they not FABULOUS??? I had never seen these before...different bloom....but non-the-less beautiful....  :o)

They also come in a stunning FUSCHIA... and CORAL...
The bud looks the same, but the flower is  completely different looking.....

They also close up at night!!!! Tried to get a shot, just as it was getting dark....glorious!!

This is me..... pretty coy over there in the corner, eh???with some MORE new glasses...just for reading,though.......[ perhaps this should be my NEW picture for my blog???] I'm looking at YOU...telling you to get there PRONTO...ASAP... before they are all gone...
And just why are they perfect for you 2.....BECAUSE .....THEY ALREADY HAVE FLOWERS!!!!  [tee hee hee]            eat your hearts out!!!!                 go and get one                   you know you want to

             Hope you have a great day....big weekend coming up....are you ready????

             Must do my front planter with Spring Flowers....also going to the Lake for a few days

                                                                   :o)              happy      happy      happy

                             Cheers         :o)  


  1. That's what it is. I bought a cactus plant in Homebase last year which has the exact same flowers...
    It has not flowered again though...
    (I do have that effect on plants!)eeek ... wish I could bring it back into bloom they are stunning.
    I also admire your lovely white vessels they look sooooo stylish Linda. Keep them comming.
    See ya

  2. Absolutely must have one of those! Even more beautiful in real life!!! I am off to the greenhouse to get me one. I feel confident I can handle two flowering cacti as my other little one is growing quite nicely, now I placed her in a sunny window!

  3. What gorgeous blooms. It's nice to meet another Canadian blogger. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I'll visit again, but don't promise to leave a comment as I can't stand word verification.

  4. As for me, I have no sunny window space left. I have 5 of the Christmas guys that I am fussing over. They are all in new pots and eating and drinking well, but they are more patient than I and only promise to bloom again next year after a fairly brutal cutting back. I'll be interested to see how Devon does in this little blooming world.

  5. Wow - those are just wonderful! I am off to pick up some Easter flowers for Ed's Mom and will track down those Spring Cactus and take a look at them there at Frankie Flowers' Greenhouse this afternoon. Nothing like another cute little flower to add to my array. Thanks...

  6. What.....your wearing reading glasses??? I must are looking fetching!!!!


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