Wednesday, 4 April 2012

What's "Up" In The Back Yard???

It was another day, to walk thru the backyard..
[doesn't take long, as it is kinda teeny]

 Just to have a peek...with my
see, what is

I didn't have to go too far, before I spied some fresh new faces peeking up at me...

I have added quite a few photos, as I couldn't choose...actually I took about 5 of them out!!

What a sucker for plants I am...I guess things could be worse, eh??

There are a lot worse things to be addicted to...
But that is a WHOLE other post!!!!

Follow me on the tour...
Hope you will be inspired along the way...
These white Trilliums came with the swamp cedar I bought some 20  odd years ago...there is also a Jack-in-the-Pulpit included in the clump, but he only shows up every other year...not this year  :o(
Plume Poppy...not much to look at...but very TALL...interesting foliage...
Very happy to see the BLUE DELPHINIUM...featured in my BLUE post...

This is the Lunaria or money plant...already has buds...

Cranesbill BLUE Geranium...I chopped it all back in the Fall....looks like it is back stronger than ever....      :o)

Check out this plump PINK peony...HUGE for this time of year...

Ligularia..... featured in the YELLOW post...

As was the Golden this plant...

VIOLETS with a PINK Bergenia...

Evening Primrose...opens in the evening...lovely soft YELLOW flower..scented...        

Will close with a shot of the backyard..
Obviously mid-July..
Isn't it awesome???

Love to "toot" my own horn...toot toot

But hard work REALLY does pay off..

Hope your gardens are looking good..

What have you noticed that is WAAAAAY
ahead of schedule??

Let me know

Have a great day

Cheers          :o)


  1. My goodness...I haven't even herd of half of these! lol....of course we must live on opposite sides of the country, right? Thanks for coming by my blog....and oh yes, Paul McCartney also has a daughter that I wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley, she is good sized, and doesn't look a whole lot like Paul or Linda McCartney....she is a clothes designer, I think... I think he had 3 or 4 kids...oh well...I love your green stuff, can't wait to see the flowers! :0 Sandy

  2. Your garden looks much like mine, with various new plants poking through the ground. You were asking about turning of word verification. If you are in blogger in draft, you have to click out of that and go back to the old dashboard. (should be in a drop down menu from the cog wheel on the right). You might have to reload the site for it to show. From there you go to comments and then set word verification to NO, save. Not sure how much longer Blogger will allow us to go back to the old settings. Good luck trying this out.

  3. :) just posted my last comment and the word verification wasn't showing ... who knows what Blogger is doing ... or perhaps you figured out how to turn it off yourself. Hope it stays this way.

  4. let's keep our fingers crossed...

  5. OMG,no word verification. Nice! Crafty Gardener was right!
    Lovely pictures of your new growths. Helps me to know what I have in my garden that I could never name!


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