Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Last Night.....

This is how my boyfriend and I spent New Year's Eve....

Luckily I had made a pot of Turkey soup the day before....

I had a small baguette in the freezer....

Buttered and added Parmesan cheese...and then toasted...


There is always salad fixins' in my kitchen!.....

As our tummies are still a wee bit "sensitive"...

This seemed like the perfect meal...

For a cosy night in..... 

 After our meal....

We retired to the family room...

Struck up the fire...

And settled think over my resolutions.....savor the coming Seasons....

Dream of sitting on the deck at the cottage....

Painted toes in the air! hahaha!

Need to make some new headers.....

This last picture I took with my new Ipad mini...

Another challenge for me to overcome!!

My son is coming on Sunday....with his latest Apple cast off..{he bought a new one}



He is giving it to me...and is going to set me all up!!!

I have never worked on an Apple...other than my new Ipad...

I am kinda scared....don't like new things....but...I guess...I gotta go with the flow!

Do any of you publish blogs using your Ipad????

I have to get it up and running for when we make our trip to FLorida....

I have been reading...there is an app called "Blogsy"....anyone used it???


Hope you all had a great New Year's evening.....

Slept in again today....lovely!

Don't you just hate not knowing what the heck day it is??!!

Got 95% of my Christmas decor put away today...

Also a few bags for the thrift shop....tomorrow is the tree!!!

Enjoy the rest of your evening...

         On the menu tonight...

         Roasted peameal bacon....roasted taters,carrots and sweet potatoes....
                  Side Ceasar salad...

                                 Cheers!  :o0


  1. Did you crochet those slippers Linda - they are so cute! Also, I love your salad bowls - they would go nicely with my giant teacup! I do love china. No advice on the ipad blogging, I can only just do what I do, I keep thinking there must be a better way. Let me know how you get on with blogsy and if it is available on other tablets! So many questions!!! xx

    1. Will get my son to help me♥️
      The slippers are from WALMART!
      The bowls are from Homesense....not expensive!

  2. Love that red transferware. I'm a bit of a china NUT. I have no advise for you as I am probably lagging behind you but I am about to get a tablet so I guess things will get interesting. Apparently I can blog on it. Our tree is still up but another few days and it will be neked as the needles are falling like rain. Time to give it the heave-ho. Your dinner sounds great as I love roasted veggies. I had pizza with the grands tonight so maybe not quite so tasty but fun nevertheless. :) Hugs, Deb

    1. As I said to Amy......not really transfer ware....from Homesense!
      Pizza with the grands sounds wonderful!
      Good luck with the tablet....I am doing my replies with it....but can't write a post yet....
      Our tree is raining needles as well...ha!

  3. Yummy meals....simple, homemade and delish! Just the kind I like! Hope you all are feeling better! We've been fortunate that we haven't had any bugs get us yet!

    I've never used an Apple before so have no idea what to tell you! I'm sure your son will have you all fixed up, though!

    Tomorrow I get the house to myself! It's going to feel great after the last two weeks! I'll have to start taking down Christmas and cleaning up a bit, too.

    1. and...I love that origami bird on your sidebar! How very clever and cute!

    2. I hope so, Betsy.....quite challenging for my simple mind! Ha!
      How nice to have the house to boyfriend works from home....hardly ever alone...except when he goes out to see customers!
      Found the origami bird on the widgets!
      Enjoy your day to yourself!

  4. I sure hope you two are feeling better. We are doing fine here so far but it's so so cold that we didn't even leave the house today. Well, hubby went out to the garage and up on the roof to retrieve the snow scoop before it blew off. He's shovelled the roof twice in 10 days! We have SO much snow here and now it's cold. Take care and get better. Pam

    1. You got more snow than us.....for sure, Pam!.....but cold here as well...
      Tell hubby to be careful!

  5. Such a lovely table and dinner, and glad you're feeling better. The picture of your feet, and the throw on the side just look so comfy. My Christmas is down now and ready for 2014.

    Very quiet New Years Eve with my dearest...and today a fun day with our daughter Julie and her family which includes 4 of my teenage grandchildren. Watch the Rose Bowl game, and a wonderful feast of appetizers and finger foods. All of us on the couch with blankets and their three dogs and our Molly. It was a houseful and lots of fun.

    1. It was a comfy evening for sure......and quiet!!
      So nice for you to spend the day with your grands!......and the dogs! Ha!

  6. I am at the same stage as you with the iPad, doing comments but not posting yet. For that I use my MacBook. When you get used to Apple, and it's not hard, you will never want to go back!

    1. I hope so, Jessica!
      Looking forward to a new challenge....but still a wee bit scared too!

  7. Your supper looks good, I actually enjoy getting back to simpler meals once the festivities are over.
    Happy New Year to you. (off to check out Blogsy now)

    1. Net Tracey....long time no see!
      Hope you had a great holiday season....
      Good luck with Blogsy!

  8. Welcome to Apple land ... you will never,ever go back to Windows and all those dreadful updates they are always sending out. Recently hubby switched to a Mac too. I don't use my ipad to blog, but do answer comments on there. The reason is all the photos are on the main computer and I never do a post without an image or two or three or four or more.
    It's really, really cold today and we have to pop out for a few fresh things like milk and salad stuff. It will probably be a quick trip.
    Decorations all down, just the wintery mantle still up .. snowmen, snowflakes, trees covered in snow.

    1. I am going to buy the cord, that fits my camera.....then the pictures will be stored in the Ipad for my blogs....especially for our Florida trip....
      Will have to make a grocery run as well.....snowing this am....

  9. You dinner looks absolutely wonderful!
    And I like the cozy pictures of your evening.
    We stayed in on New Years too. Grandmanita made a big pot of green chile stew.
    Today my son, his wife, and wee little one have gone home to Minnesota and we are living in a snow globe.

    I think I should love to blog with my ipad, if I had one... :0)

  10. was cosy.....thanks Martha♥️
    So nice that your MIL got to visit....and meet the new great grandson!
    Snowing here this am....hope to drive to the cottage tomorrow...
    You should get an Ipad....kinda cool!

  11. I'm glad you had a nice New Year's, Linda. Have fun getting ready for your trip to Florida, that's going to be really wonderful in the winter. I do all my blogging from my Lenovo laptop, so I have no advice about iPads, I've never tried one before. I hope you find the tips you need. :)

  12. What a lovely spread! I've never experienced blogging on an iPad, but I've done it using my iPhone - I just use google's blogger app and it's quite easy to get used to, I'm sure you'll be going at it in no time :) The only problem I find is that I really get frustrated typing large amounts on a touch screen; having a physical keyboard really helps. I think they make wireless keyboards that work with iPads, so maybe that will work for you if you feel the same...good luck either way!

    1. Hi Elizabeth...
      Thanks for the info...
      Gonna get set up this weekend....
      Visit anytime!

  13. Love the fireplace and the lights on it :)


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