Thursday, 30 January 2014

Yesterday..........A Few BIts & Bobs....

Great news... :o)


Some bad news..:o(

My boyfriend finally got out of Atlanta!!!!


Should be home by 3pm...


My  daughter {taken to the clinic by my other daughter}...

Has Gastrolinteritis...

A very nasty stomach bug....




Kept Miss V here with me today....didn't awaken 'til 8:30!!!

Went back for a nap....after her lunch...and is sleeping like a baby!!♥️

the plow....building a mountain on our small court...
a few Mom's china flowers♥️
tiny double kalanchoe...reblooming...had it since early December...perfect!

the wee blue bird Lissa gave me for my b'day, matches the wee birdbath she gave me last year!
I keep it it is just toooo go outside♥️

Another Kalanchoe re-blooming...

This one...a gift at Thanksgiving...

3 in one pot...

Sweet apricot bloom...♥️

Cardinal the feeder....

Miss V....

Having her dinner...

Doing pretty darn good with the spoon!

                 A wee bit of Bubble Guppies.....while I tidy up the kitchen....after building and baking 2 loaves to freeze....and take with us!!! tee hee hee....Doesn't she look cosy....all wrapped up in Granny's afghan?.....♥️ the freezer....

I used Butter Pecan cake mix...add bananas from the off with raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. Make a topping with brown sugar, cinnamon and chopped walnuts!

Kept a few berries for this with yogurt...or oatmeal....yummy!

Late afternoon sun shadows...... 

Well.......hope you are all having a great day....

Will see how mine ends up!

Wish us luck........

                                        Cheers!  :o)


  1. Good news about your boyfriend getting home , hope your daughter gets better fast . Lovely photos . Miss V is such a cutie and everything looks very pretty ! Thanks for sharing , Hope your day is a good one !

    1. Thanks Elaine......fingers crossed!

  2. Love the late afternoon sun shadow pictures and of course, Miss V all cuddled beneath the afghan. So cute! Good luck getting away to warmer climes!

    1. Well.....another glitch!
      The boyfriend is unwell.....kept Miss V is now 5am.....and she and I have been up for 2 hours.........good grief! Looks like we may be here until Sunday. :o(

  3. I am glad your boyfriend is on his way home. I am not glad that your daughter is sick! I hope it doesn't spread. Make sure she bleaches any surfaces in her home that she has come in contact because it can sit around and wait for its next victim. Because this is a viral (and not bacterial) the antibacterial wipes and soap will not get rid of it. However, lots of handwashing with soap and water will wash it off skin.
    And...don't get sick!

    1. Will pass along the info......thanks Birdie♥️

  4. Glad your BF is on the way home and I hope your daughter feels better soon!

  5. I hope your daughter is better very soon, that bug can be very nasty! I love the little china flowers, I have an almost identical one on my bedside table which belonged to my grandma.
    Best wishes to you Linda.

    1. I guess everyone has lovely momentos from their Mom/Grandma ♥️
      Thanks for the well wishes Jay....

  6. Your daughter has had a rough winter. Hope she's feeling better soon.
    Glad to hear the boyfriend is on his way home.
    Soon you will be enjoying the sunshine and sending us spy pictures from the beach.

    1. She certainly has, Martha.....
      I am dying to be a beach spy again....not sure when, though. :o(

  7. So sorry to hear that it is really icky ickies. That is not nice at all, I hope that she is much better very soon. Glad that your boyfriend will be home, if nothing else at least he can enjoy some time with Miss V before you head off. I hope that things are all resolved soon and that you have a very safe journey on your big trip, and a wonderful time while you are away. xx

    1. You are so uplifting Amy......wish I was as optimistic as you are. :o)
      Thinking positive thoughts......

    2. So much easier to be positive on the outside to others than on the inside for yourself!! xx

  8. Love the apricot bloom and little V all wrapped up. So cute. I just remembered you asked about insulin for diabetic cats the other day. The reason my daughter`s cat only has to inject once a day is because the cat`s blood-sugar levels are very close to normal but needs a little bit to level it out. Most diabetic cats do need two shots a day. Hope your daughter feels better soon. Hugs, Deb

    1. Thanks for the info, Deb...
      Enjoy your weekend

  9. Boy, I'm really loosing it ... left a comment, saw it go up and now can't see it at all ???????
    Glad hubby is home, hope daughter is improving, glad Miss V is staying with you, hope the virus isn't shared around.

    1. figured out why the first one never went through ... first it said my account wasn't verified .. then when I scrolled down further it showed the word verification, which I hadn't filled in before ... guess your spammers are back ... I tried lifting my captcha but the spam came in fast and furious ... so as much as I hate captcha or word verification, it appears to be necessary

    2. Yes....I added it back anticipation of leaving....
      Thanks for your is now 6:30 am....Miss V and I have been up since 3!
      Me tired.......

  10. Oh, I hope you don't get that nasty bug from your daughter and can get on the road soon. Do take care. Hoping all goes well. Hugs, Pam Oh, I have one of those china flowers on my coffee table right now. Same coloured flowers as yours and in a pink basket weave basket. I think they're so pretty. ;)

    1. Thanks Pam....onward and upward!

  11. Well, I am glad your guy made it home. But sounds like your daughter is still down! So sorry to hear this! I have been nursemaid to my daughter today too. Very high fever, and feeling just awful!
    Miss V is so darling! And yes, she does look mighty cozy there all tucked in with Granny's afghan! Bubble Guppies was a big hit over here too. But now we have moved on to more sophisticated Telly, like SpongeBob Squarepants!
    Hope you get to head out soon. Hang in there.....sandy shores, and warm sunshine awaits!
    xo Kris

  12. oh dear girl.
    i know you're tired. and frustrated. and probably even a little fearful! everyone around you so sick!
    and you need the sun. and you need to be well yourself. you've had pneumonia too many times.

    if you're going to drive rather than fly... you are going to no doubt go through some bad weather.
    the storms have dumped snow in places you would never believe here!
    i'm holding only good thoughts for you. onward !!!

  13. Thanks for all your help Mum! We love you! ♡♥♡

  14. I'm so behind in blog reading right now...I am glad to hear he got home safely. I hope everyone is feeling better soon, how scary. I hope you can leave for FL very soon, you really need the break!


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