Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Took this shot last night....

Pretty awesome,eh?

Ok.....this is just to see if I can actually do this from my Ipad....

Must figure out how to put my initials.....and perhaps edit!

No pic monkey app for the IPad.....😹😢.....

Can you see these icons?

Hope so....♥️

Here goes nothing....

Not sure how to get below the photo....

Cheers!    :o)


  1. You got a great shot there, Linda!

  2. Great moon shot and your little heart is coming out Linda! I am so impressed with your new technological exploits! xx

  3. Well you are certainly on your way to perfection...actually that shot is perfection.

  4. Love your test :) I'm wanting a new camera, hopefully something that will help me catch the moon. What camera are you using? I've narrowed it down to 3, just need some more info. Thanks Linda!

  5. I think you're on to this Linda. You'll have it figured out in no time.


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