Thursday, 16 January 2014

One Room.....Four Plants...

Here we are on Thursday.....already!
My how the time flies....
I have learned even more today ....
About blogging on the IPad.....
I learned how to edit.....
Add my initials...
Ain't life grand!

Next.... I have to learn how to center my text....
And....incorporate my photos within the text.....
Tomorrow is another day!


Had a fairly good day....
Had a quick visit with my friend Leslie....
Told her a story.....
Something ridiculous that happened to me today.....
While I was at Winners today......(love that store)....
A woman came up to me....and said....."Can I ask you a question"?
I said....."absolutely".....
"Do you wear a hairpiece"?     (Puzzled look on MY face)
"Are you sure"?         (Am I sure?)
"Yes.....I am sure!"     ( silly woman)
"My hair is thinning, and I have been thinking of getting a hair piece"
"For the top of my head.....your hair is so lovely....I thought it might be a hairpiece"
"Yes.....your hair is really beautiful"

                                          ALLRIGHTY THEN.....
Have you ever heard of anything so silly?
Gosh......I really had to laugh at that one!


Anyhow....that was my day....
Took a few pics of my plants in my family room.....
Love these green guys.....♥️

On the old menu tonight....
             Chicken Pot Pie.....
                  Loaded Spinach Salad.....


Hope you all had a great day.....
Nice and sunny here today....

Enjoy your evening.....

                         Cheers!    :o)

These are.....Pothos.....Arrowhead Vine and Red edged Dracaena....

               Added this text on the "big"guy.....still a few kinks to work out!

These look kinda blurry to me....YIKES!....guess the old eyes aren't as sharp....

When looking at the IPad....


  1. Lovely photos and house plants . I to like house plants . I had an older women come up to me oh this was years ago and ask if I was Portuguese other then that nothing to strange lol . It was cloudy here all day and now we are in the first Alberta clipper to hit the second one will be Sunday . Snowing and blowing out there like mad . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

    1. Yesc, Elaine.....nothing like nice, green lush houseplants!
      Bring the outdoors in!
      So......are you Portuguese!? Hahaha!

  2. Well I really don't know what to say to that story Linda! Dumbstruck! Most unlike me. Very strange. xx

  3. A hair piece??? Your lovely hair certainly does NOT look fake. hahaha. :)

  4. Now I know why you asked Betsy about her hair. :0)
    When I was in junior high school people used to ask me if I bleached my hair because it was so blond.
    I thought that was silly too.
    I wonder how m y sister is doing with her ipad?

    1. I used to bleach my hair in high school!
      I would have envied your beautiful blonde hair!♥️
      Has your sister done any posts from her IPad?
      I think not! Hahaha! I cocky, or what!
      How does my hair look? Ha!

    2. I'm not really sure what she's done with it.
      (I'll have to ask her.)
      You hair is absolutely stunning!

  5. Well, as silly as it sounds you ended up with a nice compliment so ...that's nice. Love the houseplants. They are such a beautiful shade of green. Today it felt like Spring was in the air. Just wishful thinking. hugs, Deb

    1. I guess...but it was when she said "are you sure"? WHAT? Ha!
      I love the lime green of the pothos ♥️
      Are you sure it felt like Spring today?
      I felt a nip in the air....and the wind was blowing my beautiful hair! Hahaha!

  6. Even if I needed a hair piece I would never be able to go up and ask someone if they were wearing one!

    Maybe tonight she is blogging about a the woman in Winners who was wearing a hair piece. She probably thought you weren't telling the truth... "I met a woman in Winners today and when I asked her if she was wearing a hair piece she said she wasn't. Total lie. It was so obvious that she was!"

    Anyway, you have beautiful hair so take it as a compliment instead of the totally weird question that it was.

    1. Only you could come up with that comment, Birdie!
      You are too funny.....
      If you come across her blog, give her hell!

  7. Oh that's so funny Linda. "Are you sure?" Love the "green" in your home. Those plants are so healthy. Love the touch of wicker in the pictures.

    BTW ~ I'm grey now, but I was born with a rich deep album red hair. When my husband's aunt met me for the first time right after we were married. She ask me what color of dye I used. I said I don't dye my hair this is my natural color...she got angry, and said I own a Hair Salon, and I know dyed hair when I see it, and wanted to see my "roots"....with this my new husband stood up for my defense.....Yikes ~ I had not thought of that in 50 years!!!

    1. Don't you just love hubbies relatives!
      I have a few of those as well!
      Glad I made you remember that hideous incident! Glad hubby stood up for you♥️

  8. I love the nice fresh green plants in your house. Nothing like bringing the outdoors in during the winter months. I'm glad you're plodding away at the iPad and learning the ropes of blogging on it. I should do that before we go away then I can leave my laptop at home. Nah, too much to learn and I need my photos in my picasa files too. Oh well. I can't believe that incident with the lady at Winners. So strange.

    1. Thanks Pam.....guess I am True gardener at heart♥️
      You could certainly master the Ipad....and the pictures load into it!
      Yes.....she was wierd for sure!

  9. Your plants are so lush and healthy! What a weird encounter with that lady. In other words, your hair is so nice it looks fake?! Your hair is too beautiful to be true, Linda! Haha. You should have said "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful," like that old commercial. :)

    1. I guess! Not really sure if that is a compliment or not.....ha!

  10. I had to laugh at that poor lady, maybe she didn't mean it like it came out, lol...and then felt she needed to um comb over the awkwardness...

    You have some beautiful and lush houseplants, green thumb blogger.


    1. Thanks least my hair isn't green!

  11. Totally looked like a rug to me. You sure you didn't find it at Winners??? the bed-head section? Come on can tell the blogisphere the truth now. Wasn't your name at the gym "Baldy Keaveney"??? Hope you don't catch my cold :)

    1. If i do catch your cold....I'm coming over there, and give you a big fat kiss♥️

  12. Your plants look so beautifully healthy. Oh that reminds me. Time to wash the dust off my lucky bamboo plants so the poor buggers can breathe.

    1. go do that right now!

  13. Oh my gosh!! Are you kidding me? What a rude thing to do though. Approach a stranger with a personal question like that. However, had she simply said, "you have great hair, I love it" THAT would have been, both the truth, and a nice thing to say!

    1. Ha ha ha......absolutely, Kris♥️

  14. I love your pictures and .... you are awesome!!!
    Have a lovely day!!


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