Wednesday, 12 November 2014

An Impromptu Sleepover!...

Hope you are all having a great day....

When we heard yesterday was going to be toasty and sunny...

We made a run for the Lake!!

I had taken lunch with us...

When driving thru boyfriend suggested picking up something for dinner...if we decided to stay over!

Just as we returned to our car...

The tiny parade of Veterans were marching up the main drag...

We stopped to watch...and was silent...except for their footsteps...

Very moving indeed...



So..on this Memorial Day...2014...we decided to stay overnite at the cottage...

Got lots of outdoor work done...

Things put away...washed...tidied...and then...the wind died down...

And before we knew it...around was 17* c....AWESOME!!

Finished our chores...I ran for my flipflops...and we sat on the deck ♥️

We burned the piles of Miscanthus grass that we had chopped down...

Enjoyed the sun on our faces...

By about 4:30...clouds wee thickening...coolness settling in...

I went in to get boyfriend tended the dieing fire...

What a fabulous one -day-get-a-way...

And the furnace??? Have I mentioned that I LOVE IT  ♥️♥️♥️

                  Here is this morning...

                     A very different sky...and just 3*c...brrrr!

                       So happy we got to spend the night...

              Now...we are off for boyfriends birthday today!!

                       Enjoy the rest of your evening...

                         Cheers!  :o)


  1. The weather was beautiful yesterday for sure I was outside all day . Lovely photos ! Happy Birthday to your boyfriend ! Thanks for sharing , have a good evening !

    1. YES it was fabulous....felt like old times! Sunshine!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday Boyfriend. Hope is was a good one. Sure liked your pictures today. BTW I found a cute pair of black flats at Ross, looked for silver, but settled on black. Did I actually comment first?

  3. Nope....Country Gal beat me!!

    1. Will give him your regards Wanda...We went to The Lone Star for fajiltas!!! they were delish...especially when you don't have to make them yourself!

  4. Flip flops in November! brrr

    I hope you have flannel sheets on your bed at the cottage.

    1. HA! was 17*!!!
      Def flip flop weather...
      Yes...flannel and an electric blankie!

  5. I thought you must have gone away~ you were conspicuous by your absence . . . :)
    Happy Birthday to your b/f . . . he's catching me up !! . . . . lol
    You definitely chose the right day for an impromptu cottage visit.
    17 degrees C was wonderful.
    You did work and play hard.
    Love the photos of the lake with the reflections of the sun.
    I see you like bonfires, as I do. nice shot of the flames.
    Not impressed at all with the te,temperature the next day. . . . our with the wellies . . . lol
    Nice cloud formations . . . :)
    Very touching about the veterans . . .

    1. Hi Eddie....
      It was a glorious day......Summers last hurrah!
      Love bonfires.....the clouds were beautiful!
      A perfect day all round♥️

  6. What a great day you had at the cottage. It's like a gift isn't it? And Happy Birthday to your beloved.

    1. Absolutely Pam......a gift......great words.

  7. I'm late tonight but wanted to wish the boyfriend a "Very Happy Birthday" before it's over. I'm just back from dinner at another bloggers house (Zaza's Corner). She's my walking buddy, too. Which, btw, we have not done much of lately.:( Too busy. Loved your photos again, Linda. Hope we get a few more + days for awhile. I'm not ready for the dreaded winter.

    1. Thanks Deb...gave him your message...same here...not ready!!

  8. Happy Birthday to your guy! It is my sister in love's birthday today too. Glad you got to get away for the night, and enjoy such good weather. Now with the furnace, can you stay into the winter months? Or is the snow too much?
    I don't know C in comparison to F, but I assume it got cold!!!
    xo Kris

    1. 17*c is about 65*f...pretty nice! INDEED!!
      Nope...we draw water from the lake, so we must turn that off...afraid it might be this weekend :o(
      But....the furnace will be extremely helpful in the spring...keep the place much drier...and fight the dampness!

  9. Happy Belated Birthday to the BF, glad that you had a nice time at the cottage. Apparently, we almost set a weather record for Tuesday's warm temps. Yesterday, we drove to North York for early dinner and a documentary film in the early evening. Early's preferable because of the traffic! Love the photo of the Nov. 11th date in the sand, alongside your flip flops. Have a lovely day! :)

    1. was a real treat....great way to end the season...
      Got to wear the flipflops again....gotta love it!

  10. That sounds like a very nice and productive sleep over. It must be very nice to live near a lake!

    1. Hi Jax...
      We are very lucky....our cottage is only about 75 minutes from home....pretty close!
      Had a great time!

  11. Hope you had a fun birthday celebration!

    Flip Flops in that is something! Snow flurries falling here right now...

    1. We did! Fajitas!!
      I will wear them til you have to pull them off me! hahaha!
      A few flakes here as well....nothing much...but cold .......brrrrrrr!

  12. I would love a little place to run away to on the spur of the moment. And your boyfriend buying dinner just in case... how romantic!

    1. You might just have that wee place one day Martha...time will tell...and you are so young yet!
      I picked up some chops,taters and carrots.....perfect for the oven!
      He can be an old romantic fool sometimes ♥️

  13. martha said it...
    he's so romantic.
    and so is that cottage.
    ESPECIALLY now with the new warm furnace!!! so cozy.
    from flip flops to cozy fire. LOL. kinda like our weather here. xo♥ happy birthday dear boy friend!!! ♥

  14. Hey Tammy.....
    So happy to have you back......where you belong♥️

  15. Sounds like a fabulous visit! The colours that the plants are turning are wonderful aren't they. xx

  16. Happy Belated Birthday to your BF! I am singing it to him as I write. :-) It was a beautiful day - I didn't want to come inside. One last hurrah!


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